Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for a Licence

What Documents Do I Need to Provide?

You will need to provide documents that prove your identity and you may need to provide documents that prove your address. If you fill in your application online we will tell you which documents to provide.

  • All documents must be originals, not photocopies*.
  • If any of your documents are not in English you must provide us with both the original and an English translation from an approved translator.

*There is one exception to this rule: we will accept a notarised copy of a passport from a suitably accredited notary in the country in which you reside. This is because in some cases it is impractical or illegal for passports to be posted outside of their country of issue. The notarised copy must be accompanied by a signed and dated letter from the notary.

If you are sending your documents to us then they will be returned to you by courier or post after they have been checked and scanned onto our system. Please do not send documents that you will need in the immediate future. All documents should be removed from holders, wallets, etc before they are sent to us.

You must provide:

  • Two identity documents from group A. At least one document must show your current address and at least one document must show your date of birth.
  • One identity document from group A and two documents from group B. At least one document must show your current address and at least one document must show your date of birth.

What we mean by group A and group B


You will need to provide us with a good-quality, passport-style colour photograph (45mm x 35mm). If your application is successful we will print this onto your SIA licence. If you complete your application at a UK post office, the post office staff will take this photograph for you.

What the photograph needs to look like

Overseas Criminal Record Checks

If you live overseas or you have spent six continuous months or more outside the UK, you must provide evidence of a criminal record check from the relevant country or countries. The checks need to cover the five years prior to your application.

More about overseas criminal record checks

If you were in military service during this time you may submit an extract from your military record instead.

Information for military/ex-military personnel