Apply for a Licence

Your application will be assessed against the licensing criteria published in our 'Get Licensed' booklet; it is your responsibility to ensure that you satisfy all of these criteria and you will not be granted a licence unless you do so.

Download 'Get Licensed' (download size: 889kb)

DBS / AccessNI Consent Statement

When you apply for a licence you give your consent for the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or AccessNI to share with us the data it holds on you. You must read the DBS / AccessNI consent statement before you apply.

Read the consent statement

Fill In Your Application Online

You can fill in your application online and you will be told which identity and other documents to take to a UK post office to complete the application. The post office staff will check and return your documents, take a digital photograph of you, take an electronic version of your signature and take payment of the application fee.

If you are unable to complete your application at a UK post office (for example, if you live overseas) then you can print the application form yourself or request that we print it and post it to you. You must then sign and date it and send it to us along with payment and any documents we request from you.

We aim to process 80% of applications within 25 working days. Our advisors will not provide an update on your application within this time.

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Ask Your Employer

Your employer can manage the application process on your behalf. Please speak to your employer about this.