If You Change Your Name or Address

SIA licences are issued subject to certain conditions, which you must abide by. One of those conditions is that you must tell us if you change your name or address.

  • If you have changed your name you should send us the legal document that made the change (Decree Absolute, Deed Poll document or Marriage Certificate) and our 'Change of Personal Details' form or a covering letter containing your old and new signature.
  • If you have changed your address you must write to us with details of the change, either in a letter or by completing our 'Change of Personal Details' form. You should enclose a Group B document showing your new address (our document checklist provides more information on this).

Download the 'Change of Personal Details' form (download size: 51kb)

The address to write to is:

Security Industry Authority
PO Box 1293
L69 1AX.