Door Supervisor Training

In order to obtain an SIA licence you will need to show that you are trained to the right level. This applies to front-line staff only.

To get one of the qualifications linked to door supervisor licensing, you will need to attend and take four training modules and pass three exams. The course may be delivered over 38 guided learning hours, 30 hours of which should be contact hours (as detailed below).

Training leading to the licence-linked door supervision qualifications must be delivered over a minimum of FOUR days. Awarding organisations offering these qualifications will monitor training providers to ensure that their courses meet this requirement.

Course Content

Core Learning for Common Security Industry Knowledge (10 hours of which 5 hours must be contact time)

  • Session 1: Awareness of the Law in the Private Security Industry 
  • Session 2: Health and Safety for the Private Security Operative 
  • Session 3: Fire Safety Awareness
  • Session 4: Emergency Procedures 
  • Session 5: The Private Security Industry 
  • Session 6: Communication Skills and Customer Care

Door Supervisor Specialist Module (10 hours of which all must be contact time) 

  • Session 1: Behavioural Standards 
  • Session 2: Civil and Criminal Law
  • Session 3: Searching
  • Session 4: Arrest
  • Session 5: Drugs Awareness
  • Session 6: Recording Incidents and Crime Preservation
  • Session 7: Licensing Law
  • Session 8: Emergency Procedures

Conflict Management Module (8 hours of which 7 ½ hours must be contact time)

  • Session 1: Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk
  • Session 2: Defusing Conflict
  • Session 3: Resolving and Learning from Conflict
  • Session 4b: Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for Door Supervisors

Physical Intervention Skills Module (10 hours of which 7 ½ hours must be contact time)

  • Session 1: Introduction to Physical Skills
  • Session 2: Disengagement Techniques
  • Session 3: Escorting Techniques