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Welcome to the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) Update September 2019 edition. This is the e-newsletter for SIA approved contractors. We hope you find it informative and useful. This newsletter features:

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ACS news
Approved contractors need revised British Standards Institute standard
The Code of Practice for Screening of Individuals Working in a Secure Environment Standard BS7858:2019 will be available on 30 September 2019. This British standard will supersede BS7858:2012, which will be withdrawn on 31 March 2020. This standard is relevant to our Self-Assessment Workbook and is explicitly listed as one of the relevant industry standards that approved contractors should work to. 
From 01 April 2020 all approved contractors will be assessed to verify that they are working to the 2019 version of this standard.
We require approved contractors to obtain a copy of the standard BS7858:2019. The British Standards Institute has agreed to supply the required British standards at 30 per cent below the catalogue price to approved contractors. This can mean a saving of £30 to £50 for each standard you buy. To obtain this discount you must order the standards directly from a British Standards Institute distributor sales using the forms provided on our website.
Download the order form here
British Standards Institute public consultation
The British Standards Institute has reviewed three of its industry codes of practice that are relevant to the ACS. The British Standards Institute has started a public consultation.

The consultation covers:
  1. BS10800 - Provision of security services – code of practice. (This is a new standard and will act as a parent standard, which companies will have to work to, plus, and where applicable, child standards. This includes the following standards e.g. If a company wants to demonstrate that they are working to BS7499 they must also demonstrate that they are working to BS10800);
  2. BS7499 - Provision of static guarding security services – code of practice; and
  3. BS7984-3 - Provision of mobile security services – code of practice 
Key dates:
  • 18 September to 26 November 2019 (2 months) Draft for Public Comment for BS7984-3
  • 18 September to 19 December 2019 (3 months) Draft for Public Comment for BS10800 and BS7499
  • This is the critical period where you will have an opportunity to review the consultation and make comments to help shape and further develop the standards before they are published.
  • Anticipated publication date: April/May 2020 
Have your say take part in the consultation here
SIA news
Licence fee reduced
Earlier this month we announced that we are reducing our charges to individuals from next month as part of our commitment to drive down costs.
From 01 October individual licences for all sectors will be reduced from £220 to £210. The reduction applies to both new applicants and those renewing existing licences. Licence holders applying for an additional licence after this date will pay 50 per cent of the new reduced fee.
The licence fee has been set at £220 since January 2012; if adjusted for inflation over this period using the Consumer Price Index, the licence fee would be £257 at March 2019.
Our Chair Elizabeth France said:
We have held current fee levels for seven years; and I am very pleased to now announce this reduction. We continue to seek improvements in the way we run the SIA and provide value for money for licence holders, approved contractors and the public.”

The individual licence fee reduction applies to applications received from 01 October. If applicants are able to delay their application without working illegally it is recommended that they submit it in October in order to benefit from the reduced fee.
If an applicant has not yet reached payment stage it can be cancelled and can be resubmitted after 01 October. If payment has already been processed for an application it cannot be refunded as significant work to process it will have already been completed. 
Free online counter-terrorism training for security operatives
SIA licence holders can now get free online counter-terrorism training from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO).
NaCTSO has created special password-protected access for the security industry. This means that everyone, from frontline operatives to managers and directors, can access up-to-date counter-terrorism guidance free of charge.
We strongly encourage everyone in the industry to complete this course, as it will help keep you and the public safe in the event of a terror attack. Please share this information with your colleagues and employees; it could save lives.
Security professionals should send us an email with the subject “PIN request for ACT e-learning” to request a PIN code that will give them privileged access to the ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) e-learning. Once we have replied with their PIN, operatives can go to the e-learning site to log in and begin the training.
What is ACT e-learning?
ACT Awareness e-learning is a new counter-terrorism awareness product designed for all UK based companies and organisations. It provides nationally accredited corporate counter terrorism  guidance to help industry better understand and mitigate against current terrorist methodology.

Business registration
Businesses can register to get their own account (URL or LMS version) on the e-learning site here.
Take the e-learning here
Our Chief Executive featured in Professional Security magazine 
In July we reported on the round-table discussion between Ian Todd and members of the trade press. As a result of the briefing Professional Security magazine has published two articles. You can download the articles here.
Professional Security Online:
SIA chief speaks (article published on 27 June)

Professional Security Online:
A chief that goes to the front line (article published on 27 August)
A Fatal Restraint - case study now available  
Please read our case study - A Fatal Restraint - that touches on a tragic incident that led to a man losing his life.
The purpose of our case study is to help you to better protect yourself and others. We know that the majority of door supervisors do a good job, often in the most demanding circumstances. However, door supervisors must remember to look for every opportunity to de-escalate conflict situations - even when under pressure, such as when dealing with abusive customers. This can be achieved by a number of means, although the emphasis is on the need to avoid dangerous physical intervention. 

Download (pdf, 130 kb, 1 page)
Read our case study – a fatal restraint here
Refresher training for physical intervention skills   
There is evidence that skills fade over time when they are not used, e.g. physical intervention skills. From a public safety point of view security operatives and the public could be put at risk if techniques and knowledge are forgotten.
We would like to remind door supervision licence holders, and their employers, that where a risk is identified that can be mitigated by further training, then that training should be provided.
Please be mindful that if anyone works in an environment where they need to use physical intervention, refresher training needs to be considered.
In the feedback we received from the consultation on the licence-linked qualifications held between January and February 2019, there was widespread support for refresher training.
We are currently considering making refresher training for physical intervention skills a requirement for retaining a Door Supervisor licence.
Read the licence-linked qualifications consultations here
See, Check and Notify training
The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure and the National Counter Terrorism Security Office have made available the See, Check and Notify (SCaN) training. This aims to help security businesses and organisations maximise safety and security using their existing resources. SCaN is free and comprises six modules that are delivered by qualified trainers. 
Read more about it on GOV.UK
Skills and qualifications review  
We have previously reported that the new licence-linked qualifications will take effect from 01 April 2020. There is an exception which is the new licence-linked qualification for Close Protection, which will take effect from 01 January 2021.
Read the details of our Skills and Qualifications Review here
Advice on the impact of security technology on life preserving health devices  
We recently became aware that X-ray machines and whole-body scanners can damage many types of insulin pumps and glucose monitoring devices used by people to manage their diabetes. The Civil Aviation Authority and the Airport Operators Association have issued a medical device awareness card.  Half of this card reminds people who are diabetic of what they need to do when going through airport security. The other half is for them to give to security operatives to make them aware of the risks of scanning these devices, and of asking people to remove these devices so that they can be scanned.  This card is available here.
Download (pdf 70,31kb, 1 page)
We will also be putting out further guidance on scanning and medical devices in due course.
For further guidance please read Diabetes UK advice
Changes to our frontline licence  
We’ve made some small changes to the features of our licence cards to add new security protection. The aim is to make the cards more secure in order to reduce fraud.
The new licence cards are now in circulation. The recent changes are:

The address on the rear of the card has been updated.
The Guilloche feature on the back of cards has been removed.
Our UV logo
We’ve added our logo on the top right and bottom left as part of a new security feature which will be visible under a ultra-violet light.
Physical card
All other features of the card will remain the same to the naked eye.

Existing licence holders do not need to do anything. When it comes to renewing your licence and you apply and are successful then the new replacement card will feature these amendments. 
Pawel Golaszewski jailed for three years and 2 months for possessing terrorist materials  
On 20 September, Pawel Golaszewski, from Armley in Leeds was jailed at the Old Bailey for three years and two months and charged £170 and his tablet and laptop were confiscated. He was jailed for six offences contrary to the Terrorism Act 2000 which relates to the collection of material of use to a terrorist. His trial at the Old Bailey began in early September.
His conviction followed an investigation by West Yorkshire Police and the North East Counter Terrorism Unit when he was arrested on 23 February this year where he was working as a CCTV operator for a Leeds-based security company. He was detained in custody under two warrants of further detention (granted by Westminster Magistrates’ Court) until he was charged on 9 March. He was remanded in custody by Westminster Magistrates’ Court from that point onward.
We worked with West Yorkshire Police and we were advised of the charges that were laid against Golaszewski on 22 March 2019. We immediately suspended his Door Supervision and Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) licences in March this year pending the outcome of his trial. His licences are now being revoked.
As part of Pawel Golaszewski’s defence, he alleged that the materials seized by West Yorkshire Police (various books and manuals regarding bomb making and how to kill someone silently) were needed as part of his work as a security guard and private investigator. This is false and during the trial we gave evidence stating the training that we required for operatives to perform their role as security professionals.

Tony Holyland, our Head of Quality and Standards said:
“Golaszewski alleged that he could possess the type of materials to perform his role as a licensed operative. We strongly refuted this in court and to our policing and justice partners."

Tony paid tribute to our colleagues saying: “Well done to Karimah Pedro  who gave evidence in this case. We spelt out what training is expected of a security operative and helped to take this dangerous man off the streets fulfilling our role to keep the public safe.”
He added that the partnership between the SIA, West Yorkshire Police and the North East Counter Terrorism Unit has resulted in the conviction of Pawel Golaszewski. 
Security guard suffers life-changing injuries
A groundworks company has been fined after a security guard suffered serious hand injuries.

Bristol Magistrates’ Court heard how on 17 November 2017 at the site on Ableton Lane in Avonmouth, a plant driver employed by APK Earthmoving Limited requested the assistance of a security guard working for a separate company to remove a trailer from a bulldozer while the machine was operated by the driver. The security guard’s right hand was trapped between a metal post and the bulldozer resulting in the amputation of his middle and ring fingers, and the loss of movement in his index finger of his right hand.
An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive found that APK Earthmoving Limited had failed to conduct its undertaking, the hire of mobile plant and driver services, in such a way that people not in its employment were exposed to risks to their safety.
APK Earthmoving Limited of Oxfordshire pleaded guilty to breaching Section 3 (1) of The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. The company has been fined £10,000 and ordered to pay costs of £1297.
The injured person said: “I was off work for seven months and I still have a lot of pain in my hand.  As I am right-handed my injuries have affected my writing, and there are many tasks at work and at home that I need help with. I tend to keep my hand in my pocket because I’m concerned it will affect people if they see my injuries.”
Speaking after the hearing Health and Safety Executive inspector Berenice Ray said, “This injury could have been easily prevented if a safe system of work had been followed, with the bulldozer ignition turned off before anyone was allowed close to remove the trailer.
“Employers should make sure they properly assess risks and apply effective control measures to minimise the risk from their machinery operations.”
Article published on 11 September courtesy of Fire and Security Matters  
Security guards praised at Reading Festival 2019
The security guards at Reading Festival (that took place on the August Bank Holiday) have been praised for being such good sports by music fans after they were pulled up on stage by Twenty One Pilots.  They are the people keeping everyone safe… but it doesn’t mean they can’t have fun on the job.  Fans of the American duo who spent hours waiting for the band at the front of the pit, highlighted the amazing job security staff did. As temperatures reached almost 30C workers handed out water and kept the crowds entertained between sets.

And Twenty One Pilots cemented their thanks to them for keeping everyone safe by getting them up on the main stage for a dance and asking them to bust some moves for the big screens.  Paige Bower, 17, from Kent, said: “Security were so amazing at Reading!”  “We stood at the barricade from when the gate opened to when Twenty One Pilots played. “All through the day they were talking to us about the band and embracing our jokes.  “We had one lady call herself our festival mum and she kept us hydrated throughout the day.

Article published on 25 August 2019 courtesy of Berkshire Live 
Upcoming events 
Book now for our SIA National Conference 2019
Our flagship national conference is taking place in south London at the Kia Oval cricket ground on Tuesday 12 November 2019.
Join us to discuss this year’s theme of Shaping our future together and growing a sustainable private security industry fit for the next decade. Meet our Chief Executive, Ian Todd who joined us in February. He will be sharing with you his reflections nine months on since joining the SIA and revealing our key priorities as the Regulator going forward. Hear about our ambitions to work with the industry and other experts to help create the structures needed to support the professional development of individuals within the private security industry.
Network with experts in the private security industry, including representatives from membership organisations, and government. We have planned a number of discussions and workshops so do come prepared to share your insights and invaluable experience.
A more detailed agenda will be shared nearer the time.
For the second year running we have held prices down to £50 per ticket (including VAT) in order to encourage as many of you as possible from the industry to take part. The ticket price includes refreshments and a buffet lunch.

Thank you to those of you who have already signed up. We have places for 230 delegates, don't miss out! 
Book your place here TODAY
The Security Institute Annual Conference 2019 - People centred security
Date:    23 October 2019
Time:    9.00am - 8.00pm
Venue: The Royal College of Physicians, Regents Park, London  
Book your place here
Stay safe in London
Date:    01 October 2019
Time:    9.30am - 1.00pm
Venue:  Ruby Blue, Leicester Place, Leicester Square
You are invited to the first ever Safer Sounds conference. Come and join us on our stand.
Book your place here
Manchester Security – Safe and Secure for Business 2019
Hosted by Manchester City Centre Crime Prevention Panel, Greater
Manchester Police, Manchester City Council and Atmaana Business Consulting and sponsored by SecuriGroup. 

Date:    08 October 2019
Time:    8.30am - 11.30am
Venue:  St Ann's Church, Saint Ann Street, Manchester
Book your place here
Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2020
Entry to the 2020 UK Outstanding Security Performance Awards is open until 01 October.

Professor Martin Gill said: “The security industry plays a vital role in safeguarding public and private sector organisations and the general public; there are many companies and talented individuals who go above and beyond to protect property, people and assets and deserve to be recognised. The OSPAs provide an independent platform to showcase the exceptional and unconditional work that is being done by so many, and it is hugely important that we reward and acknowledge the incredible contribution made in keeping us all safe.”
For more information please visit their website
Security twenty 19 Conference and exhibition
Please find details of the forthcoming Security TWENTY events:
7 November 2019 – Park Inn Hotel, London Heathrow

Come and see us on our stand. We will have representatives from our Partnerships and Interventions team to talk to.
Register to go here
Security events website
Find out key information about events that may be of interest to the security industry by visiting the All Security Events website. 
Click on the link to visit the website
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