Important information to prepare you for the new ACS Standard

The new ACS Standard will launch on Monday 1 April. 

After this date your next assessment will need to conform to the new ACS Standard. Your assessing body will be required to produce a full report following the assessment. This will provide you with detailed findings of your performance against the new Standard, and help to promote consistency across all approved contractors.

The relevant ACS assessment year for your business will revert back during the 2020-21 assessment cycle.

ACS Online Achievement Record 
The Online Achievement Record that you use to log the results of your self-assessment against the ACS Standard, will be out of service on Friday 8 March.

On that day we will be making important updates to ensure the system reflects our new ACS Standard.

Please take note of the following instructions for self-assessment services between Monday 4 March and Monday 1 April.

For assessment before Monday 1 April  

You will be assessed against the current ACS Standard which has 87 indicators. From Saturday 9 March as the Online Achievement Record will no longer reflect the current standard please do not complete it. You must still complete your ACS self-assessment and demonstrate the outcome of this to your chosen assessing body, informing them of your results. This may be done as you feel suitable. Your self-assessment should provide a meaningful and demonstrable narrative against the existing ACS Standard, to support the verification of these scores during the assessment of your organisation.

For assessment on or after Monday 1 April

You will be assessed against the new ACS Standard which has 78 indicators. The Online Achievement Record will reflect these indicators as of Saturday 9 March. You will be able to submit your self-assessment results using the Online Achievement Record in advance of your assessment. 

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