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January 2017
It is a new year and this month’s newsletter is jam packed with essential updates and key information.

We start the year with a bang and invite you to register to attend our 2017 Stakeholder conference on 14 March. The theme this year is partnership working.

Want to influence the future of regulation? Then apply to join our Strategic Forum. Up to two individual licence holders will be appointed. The purpose of the forum is to influence regulation, exchange views, suggest potential solutions and plan for the future.

Also featured in this month’s newsletter is an outline of the recent technical improvements we have made to our new licensing system.

Following your feedback, in this month’s ‘Explaining the Licensing Process’ feature we look at why we ask you to send us your documents.
2017 SIA Stakeholder Conference
Improvements to the New Licensing System
Apply to Join the SIA Strategic Forum

Christmas Licence Inspections in London

Explaining the Licensing Process

Security Industry Benchmarking Survey

SIA Annual Stakeholder Conference
Security Twenty 17 Conference and Exhibition
The Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPA)
SIA News
2017 SIA Stakeholder Conference
Image shows SIA Conference panel
On Tuesday 14 March 2017, we will be holding our 2017 Stakeholder Conference at the Hallam Conference Centre, in London. The theme is partnership working and the event will feature guest speakers and discussion forums.

This will be your opportunity to raise issues directly with us as the regulator, the Home Office and other delegates from the industry. Speakers to be confirmed.
Topics will include:

Taking Responsibility for Standards
  • Who has responsibility for standards?
  • How do high standards give businesses competitive advantage?
Influencing Buyer Behaviour
  • How can we encourage buyers’ recognition of high quality?
  • What is the role of the SIA?
  • What should the private security industry do?
Developing Regulation in Partnership
  • How can regulation be improved
  • What should the SIA focus on
The new, lower price is £50 (including VAT) per delegate and includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day. This has been reduced from £95 last year.

Please book soon as places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The closing date for bookings is Thursday 9 March. More details will follow soon.

Find Out More About the SIA Stakeholder Conference
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Improvements to the New Licensing System
Image shows new licensing site log-in page on the SIA website
On 21 January, we put in the latest of our series of technical fixes and improvements.

These are intended to ensure the smooth running of our new online licensing system, and give a better user experience. Many of these changes affect the back end of the system.
We became aware that when businesses were viewing an individual message within their online SIA account, clicking “back” took you to the first page of the ‘Messages’ view rather than the page that you started from. We appreciate that this was frustrating, especially when there are hundreds of messages relating to your account, and as a result we have put in a system fix to solve the problem.

Now the back button in your online SIA account will take you back to the message page that you were looking at, rather than the first page of messages. In general, it is better to use in-page navigation rather than your browser’s back button.

Some applicants have had problems applying for a door supervisor licence in recent weeks. In some circumstances, our licensing system told them it does not recognise their qualification. We are pleased to tell you that this issue has now been fixed, and affected applicants can now revisit their accounts and submit their applications. If any applicant is still experiencing problems, they can contact us through their online account. We are sorry for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

For further support, please visit our help and guidance page. We update this regularly.

Go to Help and Guidance for Businesses
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Apply to Join the SIA Strategic Forum
Liz France, our chair, is creating a new strategic forum. Liz would like to invite individual licence holders to apply to join the group and share their knowledge of the private security industry.

Who are we looking for?

The forum will include representatives from a wide range of interests in the private security industry. We would like to appoint up to two individual licence holders to take part in the group. You may be self-employed, or work for someone else, but you should be willing to express your views and experience as a front line security operative. The ability to think strategically and across a range of regulated sectors is desirable.

Purpose of the forum

The purpose of the forum is for members of the private security industry to work with us to develop ideas about regulating the industry. This is one of a number of mechanisms for stakeholders to interact with us.

It is a chance to:
  • Consider both what we should do within existing legislation and what we could do beyond current restraints;
  • Exchange views on the purpose and scope of regulation within the private security industry and how best this could be delivered;
  • Look at proposals or suggestions put forward by us and offer informed opinions of their viability, effectiveness and relevance now and in the future;
  • Suggest potential solutions, to the benefit of the whole industry, that are innovative and challenging; and
  • Think about the future of regulation and anticipate changes in the private security industry, providing advice to us on the changing nature of security.
Why should I participate?

Members of the forum will be asked to work collaboratively with us and colleagues to:
  • Offer a wide perspective on the private security industry;
  • Share informed strategic opinion to the whole group;
  • Challenge the way that we go about regulation; and
  • Provide commercial insight and direct knowledge of the private security industry.
What is the commitment?

Members of the Forum will be expected to commit to the following:
  • The meetings will take place approximately every three months;
  • Membership will last for at least one year;
  • The meetings are likely to be held in London;
  • Meetings will last for approximately two hours;
  • You will be asked to prepare for meetings (by reviewing papers distributed in advance); and
  • You will be asked to maintain confidentiality (including of other members’ contributions and any papers that are circulated).
We will arrange travel and (where necessary) accommodation expenses.

Should you be interested in participating please contact by Wednesday, 8 February 2017, explaining why you should be considered for membership. There are only two places available so there will be a selection process, and membership of the forum remains at the invitation and discretion of our Chair.

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Enforcement Update
Christmas Licence Inspections in London
Image shows statue of justice
On Wednesday 14 December we partnered with police officers from the Metropolitan Police ORB (Oxford, Regent and Bond Streets) team to support their annual Christmas and New Year operation providing an increased presence on Oxford Street, detecting and preventing criminality.

Two teams conducted SIA licence checks across 30 stores and in total 57 licences were checked.
During the inspection, one individual was found working on a licence supplied by an SIA approved contractor. However this licence was revoked in April. In a department store a security operative was found using unlicensed in-house security guards on and in relation to an alcohol premises licence for which they should hold a Door Supervision licence.

Similarly, one individual was found without a valid licence on their person for the sector in which they were working.

All the security operatives found to be offending and working with the incorrect licence are under investigation.

During the operation, our investigators gave advice to licence holders on managing their SIA online accounts. They emphasised the importance of keeping personal details up to date. Further guidance was also given on how to navigate the new online licensing system.

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Licensing Matters
Explaining the Licensing Process
Sending in Documents

When you apply for or renew an SIA licence, we may ask you to send documents to us. We may do this even when we have asked you to go to a post office to have your documents checked.

You may have noticed that there is a slight pause between you clicking the ‘submit’ button on your application and the ‘Next Steps’ instructions coming up on screen. The pause is to allow our system to run some initial checks, based on the information you have provided. These are:
  • If you have provided a UK passport number, a look-up of that number on the HMPO (Passport Office) system;
  • An electronic address check, to confirm that you live at the address you gave in your application.
  • A check to see if you are on certain other official lists – for example, a list of persons known to be deceased. This is so that we can combat the possibility of identity fraud.
The findings of these checks are used to generate the instructions that are given in the ‘Next Steps’ message or (in some cases) to identify applications that may require further investigation on our part.

If you are asked to send us documents – either as part of the ‘Next Steps’ message or in messages that we send you later on in the application process – then your application will not move forward until you have done so.

Go to What Documents Do I Need to Provide?
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Business Matters
Security Industry Benchmarking Survey
The Football Safety Officers Association (FSOA) has released an industry-wide survey to gain an overall view of the security industry.

This survey forms part of a collective approach by us, FSOA, and the United Kingdom Crowd Management Association (UKCMA) to gain a much clearer picture of the current situation and the challenges ahead. This includes what both buyers and suppliers see as the benefits, opportunities and barriers to resourcing, training and finance.

The results of the survey will be used to benchmark the current and future levels of resources available.

Mark Harding, Chairman of the UKCMA stated:
There are growing concerns about numbers of SIA-licensed staff throughout the industry, so we want this survey to benchmark the current situation.

“We are canvassing both purchasers and suppliers for information and urge all to participate in the survey to provide us with a comprehensive result to help shape the way the industry moves forwards.
The survey will take only about 10 minutes of your time, but it could make a huge difference. It will be open until Wednesday 8 February, 2017.

The survey is split, one for suppliers and one for purchasers. Everyone within the industry is urged to complete this to ensure we have as accurate information as possible.

Go to FSOA Survey
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Upcoming Events
SIA Annual Stakeholder Conference
Save the date – Tuesday 14 March 2017,

The Hallam Conference Centre,
44 Hallam Street,

About the SIA Stakeholder Conference
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Security Twenty 17 Conference and Exhibition
Thursday 9 February 2017

The East Midlands Conference Centre,

Go to event page
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The Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPA)
Thursday 2 March 2017

London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square

The first ever UK OSPAs event takes place on 2 March at the London Marriott Grosvenor Square. It follows events in Norway, Australia, Germany, Romania and the USA. It is being hosted by Nick Ross. The evening will commence with a drinks reception, followed by a three course meal with wine, the awards presentation, and entertainment. So there is an opportunity to network and meet other stakeholders in the security sector.

To find out who the finalists are visit the OSPA website - this link opens in a new window

Book Your Place
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