April's SIA Update with key information
April 2018
April’s newsletter lets you know about online counter-terrorism training that has been developed by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO).
This month, our enforcement update is the prosecution of a Bradford man who disappeared when asked to attend an SIA interview.
In our ‘Licensing Matters’ section, we explain why our licence conditions are important, and what changes you need to tell us about.
The nominations for the Women in Security Awards are now open. Why not nominate the women you work with and recognise the contribution they make to the private security industry.
Finally, the British Standards Institution (BSI) has issued a draft version of BS102000 – Code of practice for the provision of private investigations for public comment. Let them know your thoughts.

Counter-terrorism E-learning

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) has just released ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) Awareness e-learning.  This is a new counter-terrorism awareness product designed for all UK based companies and organisations.
The ACT Awareness eLearning provides nationally accredited corporate counter-terrorism guidance to help you better understand, and mitigate against, current terrorist methodology.
You will need to register, as a business, in order to access the training.  To register please visit: https://ct.highfieldelearning.com/
The following e-learning modules are available:
  • Introduction to terrorism
  • Identifying security vulnerabilities
  • How to identify and respond to suspicious behaviour
  • How to identify and deal with a suspicious item
  • What to do in the event of a bomb threat
  • How to respond to a firearms or weapons attack
  • Summary and supporting materials
As a business you can access the e-learning in two ways:
  • URL: You will be provided with your own corporate URL link and PIN to immediately access the online version.
  • SCORM: If you intend to deliver the ACT Awareness e-learning course using your own learning management system (LMS) then NaCTSO can supply a SCORM 1.2 compliant file.
For full details visit the NaCTSO website

Register for an SIA online account

Please register for a personal SIA account, even if you already have an SIA licence.  Please also make sure that you keep your contact details up to date.
This is very important for all SIA licence holders – not just for those who are looking to apply for or renew a licence.  If we have your current contact details, we can send you text and e-mail reminders when your licence is coming up for renewal.  We can also send you other important information relating to your licence.
This means that you can be sure that you will get reminders in good time as soon as you are coming up for licence renewal.  This will prevent you from suddenly finding that you’re due to renew your licence and don’t have enough time to do so. This could lead to no longer being licensed and therefore not available for work.
We can’t communicate with you if we don’t have the right details for you – so please register.
You can register for an online account here
Watch this video on registering for an online account

Women in Security Awards

The ‘Women in Security Awards’ were started in 2013 to celebrate and recognise the achievements, value and contributions women make within the private security industry and wider security industry.
We support the Women in Security Awards: as a regulator, we are committed to equality and diversity within the private security industry.

The awards are given to women in the following categories:
  • Manager
  • Frontline
  • Technical
  • Contribution to Industry
The judges will consider how the nominee contributes to the wider world of security/profession/industry over and above her job spec. When submitting your nomination, please explain why, in your opinion, the person you are nominating should win the award.
Nominations close Friday 10 August 2018
Nominations of women are very welcome, whether a CEO, chair, managing director of a security company; or a security professional working within the security department of a commercial company, public sector, private security industry or the wider world of security.
The judges are leaders in bodies across the wider security industry and past judges have been from the Security Industry Authority, International Professional Security Association, the Association of Security Consultants, the Security Institute and more.
Find out more about the awards on their website

New Pass Scheme Video

The PASS Scheme has announced the launch of its new Video. The new video promotes the value and use of PASS accredited proof of age cards. For example, this video illustrates the benefit of carrying a PASS approved card so that you don’t need to carry valuable documents such as your driving licence or passport.
PASS is the UK’s national proof of age accreditation scheme, endorsed by the Home Office, the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and by us.
Watch the new Pass Scheme Video
Enforcement Update

Vanishing security firm boss prosecuted for ignoring SIA requests for information

A Bradford man who disappeared when asked to attend an interview at a police station has been sentenced in his absence at Leeds Magistrates’ Court.
Muhammad Irfan Aslam, who investigators want to speak to in relation to a case involving the provision of unlicensed security staff in West Yorkshire, was convicted on 22 March 2018 of failing to provide information to us.
Aslam, a former director of Inovation Services Groups Ltd, ignored repeated requests for information from us.  He also breached the conditions of his own SIA licence by failing to notify us of a change of address.
He was found guilty of offences under Section 9 and Section 19 of the Private Security Act 2001 and fined £440, with a £44 victim surcharge.  Full costs of £2,219 were awarded against him.  Aslam has also had his SIA licence revoked, and with it his right to work in the security industry.

Pete Easterbrook, of our Criminal Investigations Team, said:
"Statutory requests from the SIA for information are not optional – they are backed by the Private Security Act 2001, and have the full force of law. Ignoring our requests, or failing to attend interviews, is not acceptable, and offenders can expect to be prosecuted. SIA licence holders should also be aware that keeping us informed of any changes of circumstance – such as a new address - is a condition of their licence. Non-compliance can lead to a revoked licence and a loss of livelihood."
"We are still investigating a number of businesses in West Yorkshire who may be connected to this case, and who appear to believe that they can operate with little or no regard for regulation. We know who these businesses are. Our enquiries, and those of our partners, will continue. Where criminal offending is identified, we will deal with it robustly."
Our investigators originally sent requests for information to Aslam in July 2017 by Special Delivery, to both his home and work addresses. Although both letters were signed for, there was no response from Aslam.
In October 2017, we hand-delivered interview invitation letters to all of Aslam’s known addresses, including a possible new home address that had come to light during the investigation. He was asked to attend an interview at Bradford police station on 23 October 2017.
Our investigators visited the address that Aslam had registered with us, and found that it was abandoned. The previous tenants had been evicted, leaving no forwarding address.
On the day of the interview, two of our officers waited to interview Aslam at Bradford police station.  Aslam didn’t turn up, and hasn’t been heard of since.
The court has given Aslam 28 days to pay.
Find out about our completed prosecutions
Licensing Matters

Application process diagrams

We have created several visual representations to explain the licence application process for new applications, renewing a licence and applying for an additional sector.
The different application processes require different actions, and these diagrams highlight what you need to do at each stage of the application process.

These will help you to understand what your responsibilities are when applying for a licence.

For further support, please visit our help and guidance page
Watch this video on completing an application

Explaining the Licensing Process

Licence Conditions and Changes You Need to Tell Us About

The licences we grant are subject to certain conditions. If you breach these conditions, we may issue you with a written warning, which can be taken into account in future licensing or enforcement decisions. We may also revoke or suspend your licence. In some cases we may prosecute you - contravening licence conditions is a criminal offence under Section 9 of the Private Security Industry Act 2001.
The licence conditions are listed in the letter we send you when we grant your licence. They are also listed in the letter attached to a front line licence card and on our website.
As an SIA licence holder, you must use your online account to tell us if:

  • You change your name
  • You change your address
  • Your licence is lost or stolen
  • Your right to work in the UK changes
  • You are charged, cautioned, warned or convicted of any relevant offences

Informing us of changes will ensure that you receive important updates on your licence. As an example, if we suspend or revoke your licence we will contact you at the address we have on file. If you have moved and not told us, you could miss out on your opportunity to appeal.

Read more about the licence conditions
Business Matters

BSI consultation on its code of practice

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has issued a draft version of BS102000 – Code of practice for the provision of private investigations for public comment. The draft will be open for comments until 6 June 2018 and can be found online here: http://drafts.bsigroup.com/

This revised British Standard gives recommendations for the conduct, management, staffing and operational accountability for the provision of investigative services. This standard is specifically designed to provide a broad set of procedures to assist the investigative provider in adhering to industry best practice; it also draws attention to the case management procedures, data handling regulations and the employment practices applicable to the investigation. This standard also recommends that the organisation can demonstrate it has the financial and operational resources available to provide the services offered, and is competent and provides recourse in the event of a complaint.
Your comments on this draft will inform the British Standard. If no comments are received to the contrary, this draft may be applied unchanged as a British Standard.

All feedback and comments on the draft BS102000 will be appreciated and considered. To share your views, complete an easy (and free) registration process and follow these simple steps: 
  • Use the search bar or browse by category to find the standard(s) relevant to your business or industry
  • Read and review the current standard and think about how it would affect you and your business
  • Comment on the draft standard and help shape its future
Comment on the draft new British Standard
Upcoming Events

Women in Security Awards

You are invited to submit applications for the 2018 Women in Security Awards. We support the Women in Security Awards; as a regulator we are committed to equality and diversity within the private security industry.
Date:              Closing date for entries Friday 10 August
Event:            Thursday 13 September 2018
                        Dixie Queen riverboat sailing from the Tower of London Pier
More information about the 2018 Women in Security Awards

Security Events Website

Find out key information about events that may be of interest to the security industry by visiting the All Security Events website.
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