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Season's greetings 
The festive season is one of the busiest times of the year for private security professionals, with a significant increase in footfall, organised events, parties and often alcohol consumption.

We appreciate what a difficult job you do, dealing with members of the public in challenging circumstances and often placing yourselves in harm’s way. We have seen some great examples of private security supporting work around sexual exploitation, modern slavery and counter-terrorism during this year, and the need for this doesn’t diminish over this period.

Please do continue to deliver your role to the highest standards over the festive season, as you do the rest of the year. From everyone at the SIA we thank you for your dedication and professionalism in protecting the public. We wish you a safe and happy festive season and a great 2020.  
SIA conference special 
We held our 2019 annual National Conference overlooking the emerald-green pitch at the Oval cricket ground on 12 November. The event attracted over 200 delegates, and was a lively day marked by great speakers, outstanding audience engagement, and a great deal of networking. As one attendee remarked, “it felt like a meeting of minds between the industry and the regulator.” 

Liz France 
Our Chair Liz France welcomed delegates to the conference. She explained the role of the Authority – the SIA’s non-executive board – as setting the organisation’s direction of travel and seeing that the SIA delivers. Liz also introduced the conference theme: “Shaping the future together and growing a sustainable private security industry fit for the next decade.” 
Craig Robb
Craig Robb, Chief Commercial Officer of Securitas, spoke next on The Transformation of the Security Industry. Craig’s thesis was that any company that wants to succeed – or even survive - must innovate, move beyond current assumptions, explore and adopt emerging technologies, and look to the post-digital future. The key challenge, he said, is to continually redefine a business, whilst delivering for customers today. 
Steve McCormick
Steve McCormick, our Director of Operations and Standards, gave a presentation on Skills for the Future. He explained that we want to support the professionalisation of the industry by working together with businesses to improve whole-career learning. The initial means will be facilitating the development of a representative Skills Board to help define industry needs, and identify skills gaps, prior to working with centres of excellence in order to deliver the much needed content and frameworks. The aim is to support the development of a more professional industry, with recognised continuous professional development and defined career pathways. 
[YouTube, 1:23 mins, 210 MB]
A summary of a presentation 'Skills for the Future' - delivering a skills strategy for the private security industry.
Ian Todd
Ian Todd, our Chief Executive, spoke next, in his first appearance at our conference.  He introduced himself by referring to his background as a regulator. He referred to industry challenges, and presented an overview of our draft strategic plan for the next three years. Our priorities will include championing the industry’s capability, improving standards, and adding value.

He finished by summarising our position as one of “ambition, with clearly defined priorities.”  Ian committed to being audacious within the scope of existing legislation, whilst keeping on an eye on future legislative opportunity to reinforce the SIA as a strong, courageous regulator. 
[YouTube, 3:36 mins, 221 MB]
Summary of the content and main talking points.
Geoff Zeidler
Geoff Zeidler has been a SIA board member since December 2013. In this, his last conference appearance before stepping down, he delivered his thoughts on Shaping Our Future Together. Geoff looked at the intentions behind the setting-up of the SIA. He described some of our priorities and achievements to date, and then spoke about ways that the SIA and businesses can work together to improve standards and deliver a healthy, trusted private security industry
Delegates then separated into three groups for hour-long workshop sessions, in which they were encouraged to work together and share ideas on specific themes. The themes that the groups looked at were as follows:
  • Exploring our priorities
  • Themes for effective regulation
  • The future development of the private security industry
The workshops were followed by an ample and very popular lunch, provided by the Oval’s catering team.  Delegates took advantage of the opportunity to re-establish friendships and connections, meet new people, and bring their thoughts and concerns to our staff in person. Jackie Munn, our Head of Customer Support, Intelligence and Risk Management facilitated one of the workshops.
[YouTube, 2:30 mins, 154 MB] 
[pdf, 8 pages, 53kb]
Summary of a workshop 'Exploring our priorities’: a look at the SIA corporate priorities for the next three years.
Download the report of some of the findings
Your shout
The Your shout session, which was the first order of business after lunch, gave conference attendees the chance to put questions to a panel of our experts. The panel fielded questions on all aspects of our work. We’ll feature an in-depth article on this session in January’s SIA Update. 
NEC Birmingham
A joint presentation followed, given by the event venue NEC Birmingham and their security contractor OCS Group UK. Steve Neal, Group Operations manager of the NEC, represented the client. Gavin Ward (General Manager International Convention Centre and Arenas) and Steve Gardner (Head of Security) represented OCS. This concentrated on the partnership required to keep a large site secure, and protect audiences and attendees, in the context of a year-round programme of major events. This presentation was particularly well-received, and resulted in a number of questions from the audience. 
[YouTube, 2:27 mins, 149.3 MB]
Summary of a presentation of a buyer of security/provider of security relationship based on shared values and goals and trust.
Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure
Next, a representative of the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) explained their organisation’s remit: to protect the facilities, systems, sites and networks necessary for the functioning of the country and the delivery of essential services. CPNI also provides physical and personnel protective security advice to hazardous sites, crowded places and major events to reduce their vulnerability. The speaker gave examples of this advice, and referred to the CPNI’s work in helping security practitioners to identify appropriate physical security equipment.
The CPNI presentation was followed by the deputy national co-ordinator for the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO).  He outlined some of NaCTSO’s work in ensuring that security operatives are better-trained in ways of spotting, deterring, and reacting to terrorist incidents.  He also referred to pilot work that is underway to bring security businesses into specific incident response on a more organised, formal basis.
Closing remarks
The conference was brought to an end by a summary from Ian Todd, and closing remarks from Liz France. Ian noted that the conference was the best-attended SIA event for some time, and pledged to keep the conversation going with the industry and our stakeholders.
Thank you to everyone who came to the conference. We are particularly grateful to our speakers, as well as everyone who engaged with enthusiasm in asking questions, bringing their ideas to the workshops, and seeking out our staff to share their thoughts. 
BBC 1 Fake Britain broadcast
On Friday 06 December the last edition of the current series of Fake Britain was broadcast on BBC 1.
It included a seven minute feature on us, and the work of our criminal investigation team to investigate and prosecute criminality in the private security industry. The broadcast featured the LS Armour case which was one of our significant prosecutions of a fraudster who preyed on legitimately licensed people: stealing their licence numbers and supplying unlicensed individuals to high-profile events using fake licences.
[BBC Video: 7 minutes long. At 35 minutes and 36 seconds is the SIA clip]  
Watch Fake Britain here
#SaferWorkplaces campaign
We recently ran a two week publicity campaign to promote safer workplaces for security staff.
The #SaferWorkplaces campaign involved our regional staff going out to towns and cities across the UK to encourage security operatives to report violence against them. Our staff met daytime security staff in businesses, shops, and retail outlets from Portadown to Cwmbran, Great Yarmouth to Glenrothes. 
We met dozens of security staff, shared our campaign messages with them, and listened to what they had to say about their workplaces.  We also spoke to employers and venue managers, to remind them of their role in ensuring the safety and well-being of their security staff.
Half a million people so far have seen our social media posts about the campaign. We’ve had around a thousand shares and retweets – and we’ve been particularly pleased to see that employers have been to the fore in sharing our messages.
The conversations around the campaign have been lively too. There have been 1,100 comments from operatives, managers, and business owners.  Many of those have given us a valuable insight into what the industry is thinking.  Please rest assured that we are taking note of all your comments, and plan to use your ideas to shape our future campaigns.
We’re not retiring #SaferWorkplaces now that the campaign is finished.  Look out for our continuing messages around violence reduction, and please carry on sharing and engaging with them!
The #SaferWorkplaces campaign page, which has resources for operatives, employers, and venues, can be found on our website here
Counter terrorism update
Counter Terrorism Policing now has a series of timely e-learning, training and campaign tools for your use. The You Can ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) initiative is a campaign to raise awareness to defeat terrorism. There are campaign materials to highlight the importance of vigilance in the run up to, and during, the festive season and the New Year - when the public are out enjoying themselves. Here’s a set of interlinked training tools to help you and your colleagues keep people safe this festive season.
ACT Operational
ACT Operational is aimed at front line staff and their managers. It is an interactive workshop designed to raise awareness of counter-terrorism issues, improve security culture, provide an understanding of the role they play and increase their confidence when responding to an incident. It features an immersive experience which will give supervisors and front line operatives the chance to discuss actions to take in the (unlikely) event of a terror incident.
This is the latest counter-terrorism course to be designed by NaCTSO (the National Counter Terrorism Security Office), and is closely based on the You Can ACT pilot which took place in Scotland last year.
If you are interested in your team participating in this training, please contact your local Counter Terrorism Security Adviser, who operates within your local police service. 
Visit the ACT Operational website here.  
ACT Awareness e-learning
Free online counter-terrorism training for security operatives. 
Licence holders can now get free online counter-terrorism training from NaCTSO.
What is ACT e-learning?
ACT Awareness e-learning is the new counter-terrorism awareness product designed for all UK based companies and organisations. It provides nationally endorsed corporate counter-terrorism guidance to help industry better understand and mitigate against current terrorist methodology.
NaCTSO has authorised special password-protected access for the security industry. This means that everyone, from front line operatives to managers and directors, can access up-to-date counter-terrorism guidance free of charge.
We strongly encourage everyone in the industry to complete this course, as it will help keep you and the public safe in the event of a terror attack. Please share this information with your colleagues and employees; it could save lives. It will take about 45-minutes to complete and features seven modules. The key message from the course is that the threat from terrorism is real, but you can help to reduce it.
You should send us an email with the subject “PIN request for ACT e-learning” to request a PIN code that will give you privileged access to the ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) e-learning. Once we have replied with the PIN, you can go to the e-learning site to log in and start the training.
Business registration
Businesses can register to get their own account (URL or LMS version) on the e-learning site here
Further information is here
Winter campaign
Counter Terrorism Policing is calling on the public and those who work in our busy towns and cities to remain vigilant and report any concerns to staff, security or – in confidence – to the police. They are asking the public to be the eyes and the ears of the police to work together to tackle terrorism.  Please find the link to the news release that launched an e-learning service to the public on 09 December. This has been widely reported in the media. You may have seen it in the national news. Please find some campaign materials for you to use here. And please use the campaign hashtag #CommunitiesDefeatTerrorism – this will help to evaluate the campaign.  Visit to use the digital tools and posters.
Unlicensed Cwmbran security boss pleads guilty
Nicholas Seabrook of Cwmbran pleaded guilty to being an unlicensed security director and failing to provide information to us on Monday 02 December at Cwmbran Magistrates’ Court. He was bailed pending a financial investigation.
Seabrook broke the law as he was an unlicensed director of NPS Security Ltd between 06 August 2018 (when he started the company) and 13 July 2019. During that time he supplied security services to a number of pubs in South Wales including The White Hart, The Hole in the Wall (the Royal Exchange) in Brynmawr, The Carpenters Arms in Newport, The Ferns, the Wine Vaults and The Victoria pub.  Please read the story here
Leeds security boss and unlicensed doorman found guilty
The director of a security firm has pleaded guilty to repeatedly deploying an unlicensed doorman to venues around Leeds. 
Haidar Mumtaz, a former director of 2 B Secure from Keighley, sent Steven Hare from Bradford to work as security at the Baracoa, the Rosse, and the Bierkeller in Leeds on no fewer than 24 occasions between December 2018 and February 2019. Hare was not properly licensed at the time, and as a result we prosecuted them. Please find the story here.  
West Yorkshire security company fined £10,000
On Thursday (28 November) a West Yorkshire security firm – 2 B Secure Ltd – was fined £10,000 at Leeds Magistrates’ Court and required to pay costs of £778.40 as well as a victim surcharge of £181. The company 2 B Secure will have to pay the full amount within 28 days.
2 B Secure Ltd supplied an unlicensed security guard, Steven Hare, on 24 occasions between 7 December 2018 and 14 February 2019 to the Leeds venues Baracoa, the Rosse and the Bierkeller.  Please read the story here
Be part of shaping the future
We are pleased to announce a private security industry skills summit. This event is for security managers, HR, education, training and anyone with an interest in how we can close the skills gap in industry. The summit will be a great opportunity to have your say in how we can address future the skills needs.  Please put this date in your calendar:
Date:  Thursday 12 March 2020
Location: Friends House, Euston (London) 
Security and Policing 2020 - Home Office event
You are invited to visit the Security and Policing exhibition at the
Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre
being held between 03 - 05 March 2020.  
Register your place here
Security TWENTY 20 Conference and Exhibitions
Save the dates for forthcoming Security TWENTY 20 events:

20 February 2020 - Birmingham
22 April 2020 - Glasgow
14 July 2020 - Manchester
8 September 2020 - Belfast
10 September 2020 - Dublin
5 November 2020 - London  
Register your place here
The Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) ceremony is taking place on Wednesday, 26 February 2020 at the Royal Lancaster (Hotel) London. One of the judges of the awards will be our Chief Executive, Ian Todd.
Professor Martin Gill, who is behind the OSPAs, said: “The security industry plays a vital role in safeguarding public and private sector organisations and the general public; there are many companies and talented individuals who go above and beyond to protect property, people and assets and deserve to be recognised. The OSPAs provide an independent platform to showcase the exceptional and unconditional work that is being done by so many, and it is hugely important that we reward and acknowledge the incredible contribution made in keeping us all safe.”

In the afternoon prior to the awards dinner a Thought Leadership Summit and exhibition will take place. 
Book your place here
Security events website
Find out key information about events that may be of interest to the security industry by visiting the All Security Events website.
Visit the website

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