FAQs - SIA licensing policy

If someone is refused an SIA licence, or has their licence suspended or revoked, can they still be a director of a security company?

How long does an SIA licence last for?

Will the application fee be refunded if an application fails?

Can applications be made in languages other than English?

Is there a minimum age to obtain a licence?

Does SIA licensing remove the need for checks to be made by employers?

Does BS7858 form part of the SIA's licensing criteria?

Is the SIA bound to the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act?

What is meant by "In-House" and "Contract" personnel?

What are the SIA's licence conditions?

Does the SIA take into account warning, cautions or convictions committed by juveniles?

Is there a minimum length of time that the counter-signatory must know the applicant?

What are the penalties for working without an SIA licence?

Who pays the licence application fee?

Can someone awaiting conviction for a relevant offence apply?

Why doesn't the SIA license in-house guards?

Will bodyguards from overseas need an SIA licence to work in the UK?

Do I need to wear my licence all the time?

Do I need a licence if I'm an event steward?

If I work as a volunteer at an event do I need an SIA licence?

Do I need a Vehicle Immobilisation licence?

Do I need a Key Holding licence?

Do I need a Cash & Valuables in Transit (CViT) licence?

Do I need a Close Protection licence?

Do I need a Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) licence?

Do I need a Security Guarding licence?

Do I need a Door Supervision licence?

How much does an SIA licence cost?

Can I appeal a decision to refuse my licence application?

If I have been charged with a criminal offence, do I need to inform the SIA?

How do I inform the SIA of the death of a licence-holder?

Why are the SIA booklets and leaflets not published in other languages?

What activities are exempt from manned guarding licensing?

How do I upgrade my licence so that I can do different jobs?

Will I still be able to get a licence if I have a criminal record?

I've heard that I have to get a criminal record check from other countries. Is that true?

I served overseas in the military. Do I need to get criminal record checks from all of those countries?

Some of the addresses I have provided on my application are not in the UK. Do I need to provide a criminal record check from these countries?

Will the system allow for people who have a Door Supervision qualification to apply for Security Guard licence?

Can I downgrade from a door supervision licence to a security guarding licence?