2017 SIA Stakeholder Conference

Our conference took place on Tuesday 14 March 2017 at the Hallam Conference Centre, London. We published a special edition of our e-mail newsletter SIA Update to document the events of the day.

Read the SIA Update, Conference Special- this link opens in a new window.

The conference featured guest speakers and discussion forums in which attendees could raise issues directly with the SIA, Home Office and other delegates from the industry.


  • Partnership working
  • What motivates a buyer?
  • What should the future of regulation look like?
  • How has mandatory ACS approval for government contracts changed the Scottish business environment?

Discussion Forums

Taking Responsibility for Standards

  • Who has responsibility for standards?
  • How do high standards give businesses competitive advantage?

Influencing Buyer Behaviour

  • How can we encourage buyers' recognition of high quality?
  • What is the role of the SIA?
  • What should the private security industry do?

Developing Regulation in Partnership

  • How can regulation be improved to help good businesses?
  • What should the SIA focus on?