Entry, Inspection and Demands for Information

The text below summarises sections 19-22 of the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

Powers of Entry and Inspection

Persons authorised by the SIA may enter premises owned or occupied by a regulated person other than premises occupied exclusively for residential purposes as a private dwelling.

Regulated persons are required to produce documents or information in connection with matters that are subject to regulation under the Act (i.e. licensable conduct, the provision of security services, and any conditions attaching to approved contractor status under a compulsory scheme).

Persons exercising powers of entry may do so only at reasonable times and must satisfy certain requirements under the Act, such as providing evidence of their identity and authorisation.

It is made an offence for a regulated person to fail to comply with the provisions in section 19.

Guidance on Exercising Power of Entry

The SIA must publish guidance on the manner in which persons authorised with the power of entry and inspection should exercise it and the manner in which they should conduct themselves.

This guidance may be revised from time to time. The SIA must publish the initial guidance and any revisions to it in a way that will bring it to the attention of those affected by it.

Access to Enhanced Criminal Record Certificates

The Act amends the Police Act 1997 to permit the SIA to obtain an enhanced criminal record certificate for anyone applying to be licensed as a door supervisor.

Please note that this was repealed by the Criminal Justice Act 2003.

False Information

It is made an offence for anyone to knowingly or recklessly make a false statement to the SIA in connection with the exercise of its functions.