Physical restraint - avoid dangerous techniques and stick to Door Supervisor training methods

13 December 2017

​There have been several recent incidents involving door supervisors that have resulted in serious injury, or worse, to members of the public. In some cases these injuries have been attributed to the use of so-called “vascular restraints”.  These are also known as “chokeholds”, and are extremely dangerous.

These techniques are not part of SIA required training for licensed operatives, and should not be used.  There appears to be a belief among some operatives that these are legitimate restraints, mandated for use by law enforcement agencies.  Please be aware that the use of neck restraints by police officers both here and in the United States has been prohibited for almost 30 years.
For best practice we recommend that security operatives should only use the techniques that they have been trained to use as part of their SIA-linked training on physical intervention.
Security operatives must remember that there are always risks associated with using physical intervention.   Applying force or pressure to the neck, spine, vital organs, or vulnerable parts of the body can result in serious injury or even death. Such techniques must be avoided.
Physical intervention must always be used as a last resort, and the least forceful intervention practicable must be used.
Please see below our recent publications “Safer Physical Intervention for Door Supervisors”, and “A Guide to Safer Physical Restraint”.

SIA safer physical intervention for door supervisors (download size: 1,036kb)

SIA guide to safer restraint (download size: 78kb)

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