Security Operative prevents a distribution centre fire

31 July 2020

The quick thinking of security operative Syed (Sabeel) Hassan stopped a fire from becoming a tragedy.

Syed, who works for approved contractor Amberstone, prevented a serious fire from spreading at Halfords’ logistics and distribution Centre in Washford near Redditch in January. His actions prevented possible mass damage, risk to life and customer disruption.

Syed Hassan was on duty early one Saturday morning. He noticed on the CCTV that there was smoke coming out from under a tented area on the estate. This tented area covered batteries and canisters containing hazardous materials. 

Syed said that his instinct kicked in and he ran towards the tented area. As he was the only person there he quickly moved the canisters away from the fire. Simultaneously he called the fire brigade and it took a few minutes for them to arrive on the site.

By the time the fire brigade arrived the tent was alight. Syed said:

“When there’s a small blaze you only have a few seconds to take action. I was doing my job because that’s what I’m meant to do. I knew that if I hadn’t moved the canisters it would have caused a big a problem. I’m trained and I put my learning into action.”

Syed said that after the incident he returned to his post at the gate house and it was almost if nothing happened. Halfords awarded Syed with some vouchers to thank him for his efforts. The fire brigade told Syed that if he had not taken the action that he did, the incident would have been considerably worse.

Ian Todd, our Chief Executive, said:

“It’s important to remember that many in the security industry are working as critical and key workers during this emergency. Syed’s story is testament to the fact that despite the challenges, many operatives and businesses are going the extra mile to serve their communities.
We are promoting the industry’s dedication and commitment through the #SIAHeroes campaign. It is sharing inspiring stories of security operatives who are keeping the public safe and secure at this critical time.” 

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