Quick-thinking security operative saves life in supermarket

31 July 2020

A door supervisor put his first aid training to good use when a supermarket shopper collapsed.

Calum Sinclair, of Elgin, was on duty in a supermarket when he heard a call on the tannoy asking for first aid assistance. Calum, who usually works as a door supervisor, was managing social distancing queues and security.

Calum ran over, as the company he works for, Saltaire Security, provides all their security operatives with first aid training. He was first on the scene, and found a man who had collapsed. He was struggling to breathe and was turning blue. Calum took charge of the situation, put the man in the recovery position, and then called for an ambulance. He called the man’s family whilst waiting for the paramedics. The patient was taken to hospital immediately. 

The man’s family got in touch later to say thank you. His sister said that he had made a recovery and was convalescing in hospital. 
When we asked Calum about the incident, he said:
“Security operatives, as first responders, are taught first aid. It has come in handy a few times. In a situation like this you just have to do what you can. Your training and instinct take over. I think the role of security operatives is changing - the role we play now is not just providing security. We also offer support, give basic first aid, and help people feel safe. 
Ian Todd, our Chief Executive, said:
“It’s important to remember that many people in the security industry are working as critical and key workers during this emergency. Calum’s story is testament to the fact that despite the challenges, many operatives and businesses are going the extra mile to serve their communities.”  

We are promoting the industry’s dedication and commitment through the #SIAHeroes campaign. It is sharing inspiring stories of security operatives who are keeping the public safe and secure at this critical time.
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