Protecting Society

One of our key strategic objectives is protecting the public - ensuring that only fit and proper people and organisations deliver regulated private security services.

We make a contribution to making communities safer, helping people feel secure and cutting crime, protecting the public from terrorism, controlling immigration and safeguarding identity.

Reducing Violence within the Private Security Industry

We have developed a strategy to reduce violence associated with private security, be this violence directed towards security operatives whilst they are doing their jobs or violence committed by security operatives themselves. This strategy aims to identify those measures which will help to reduce violence and associated deaths and injuries, in the night time economy and elsewhere.

As a result, violence reduction has become a top priority for us.

The issues that contribute to violence are complex and we cannot provide a solution by ourselves. Some stem from issues to do with society itself, a perceived lack of respect for authorities by some and a propensity to use violence on a frequent basis of a minority within society. However, we and others can make a difference. We will play our part alongside partners, using our influence and our powers to enable and to support the private security industry in reducing violence.

Our aim is to improve public protection by reducing the risks from violence in the night time economy.

We will work with the private security industry and with partners to:

  • promote voluntary harm reduction measures;
  • intervene directly or through referrals to third parties to target high risk individuals, businesses and venues;
  • prevent harm by setting standards for individuals and businesses that drive violence reduction; and
  • inform change in the industry by gathering and using information effectively to underpin our interventions and those of partner agencies.