Director of Partnerships and Interventions

Dave Humphries joined the SIA in February 2010.

Dave previously held the post of Head of Criminal and Enforcement Policy at HMRC. He was responsible for policies concerned with criminal justice and sanctions, proceeds of crime, fraud and the links between fiscal offences and wider criminality. He was closely involved in the passage of the Proceeds of Crime Act through the Parliamentary process.

Dave worked for 16 years in HM Customs and Excise and then 5 years in the Inland Revenue, before the two were merged in 2005 to form HMRC. He has performed a variety of operational and policy roles, specialising in compliance, enforcement and organisational change. Working with public and private sector partner organisations has been a feature of many of his roles.

Dave was also on the Oversight and Advisory Group of the UK Human Trafficking Centre. He holds an Economics degree from the University of Nottingham.

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