The SIA Brand

This advice is not exhaustive and is a guide only. When creating website content, advertisements or other materials, care should be taken to ensure that there is no suggestion of approval or endorsement by the SIA.

As an example, training providers must not claim to be "an SIA approved training provider" as we do not accredit or endorse training providers directly.

The SIA Logo

SIA Logo

The SIA logo is a certification mark owned by the Security Industry Authority. It must not be reproduced, copied, imitated, wholly or in part, or used in any way without the express permission of the SIA.

Our logo is used by us to show ownership of material or to imply endorsement, support etc. In practice there are very few occasions where we allow others to use our logo. The exception to this is when our logo is used as a link from one website to ours. You must still ask for permission to use our logo in this way.

If used for this purpose, our logo must either:

  • Have the wording "click here for the SIA website" (or similar) alongside or near to the logo, or
  • Be located in an area called 'Useful Links' (or similar).

This ensures that there is no confusion over whether the logo appears as an endorsement. Text that appears over our logo when a mouse is 'hovered' over it is not sufficient.

Please note: If we give permission to use our logo, we retain the right to withdraw that permission at any time.

The ACS Accreditation Mark

Image of the ACS Mark

Only companies that have achieved approved contractor status under the Approved Contractor Scheme may use the ACS accreditation mark.



Claiming to be an approved contractor when this is not the case is an offence under section 16 of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. A section 16 offence includes use of the Approved Contractor Scheme accreditation mark or the use of language that may suggest approval or endorsement, such as "SIA registered" or "SIA member". The penalty for committing an offence under Section 16 is a fine of up to £5,000.

If a company has applied for approval through the Approved Contractor Scheme and we are processing the application, the company may state that it has applied. However, it must not use the ACS accreditation mark or claim approval until approval has been granted. Failure to comply with this may lead to the approval being delayed or rejected.

Licence Card Images

Image of an SIA licence

The licence cards and any images of them belong to us.





We are happy for these to be used for promotional purposes, within articles, on marketing material etc. However, we will take action to have the images removed if they are abused, or used to discredit the licence or the SIA.