ACS Assessing Bodies

The SIA doesn't normally assess contractors directly: instead, we have partnered with a number of assessing bodies who do this for us.

Private security companies who wish to become approved contractors using the Standard route should contact one of these organisations to arrange an independent assessment. You will need to tell us on your application form (or subsequently) which assessing body you are using.

In exceptional circumstances we may decide to carry out an assessment directly. In such cases we will contact you to discuss how and when this might be arranged.

You should not proceed with any assessment for the ACS until you have submitted an application to us and we have advised you to proceed.

Your chosen assessing body will also undertake annual re-verification assessments as part of the process for maintaining your approved status.

The assessing bodies we are partnered with are shown below.

Organisation Contact
CCAS- this link opens in a new window Tony Brachmanski
T: 01543 509533
NSI- this link opens in a new window Michelle Dennehy
T: 01628 764855
ISOQAR- this link opens in a new window Nick Bell Tye
T: 0161 866 6180
SSAIB- this link opens in a new window Dougie Callander
T: 0191 296 3242

You will need to pay your chosen assessing body to carry out an assessment to SIA requirements - please note that the SIA does not set these fees. However, we have provided general guidance on how long an assessment should normally take.

What to Expect from an ACS Assessor

We have arrangements in place to ensure that the provision and delivery of the assessment service is consistent with what you would expect from us, the SIA. The ACS assessors that represent our four assessing bodies have an influential and privileged position and they must be able to account for the decisions they make and the behaviours they display.

Download the Assessor Code of Conduct & Ethics [G030] (download size: 74kb)