Approved Contractor Benchmarking

Our Approved Contractor Scheme provides a framework for businesses in the private security industry to improve their standards. It encourages approved contractors to compare their performance with that of other businesses within and outside of the private security industry.

Due to COVID-19 we gave approved contractors the option to delay their ACS assessment by 3 months if it was due between April and June 2020. Because of this, and the changes we have implemented as a result of the pandemic, we have not updated the ACS benchmarking data. We expect to be able to update this data towards the end of this year.

As of April 2019 approved contractors were assessed against 78 indicators of achievement. The overall pass mark was zero and the maximum score that could be achieved was 145.

Note: Businesses approved through the Passport route don't have to submit scores, so the information below relates solely to those businesses who chose the Standard route to approval.

We update this page on a quarterly basis. The figures shown below relate to the period 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020.

Approved Contractor Scores

Image shows a pyramid diagram in which assessor scores are grouped by quartile

Median Score by Size of Company

'Median' is one type of measuring an average in the set of scores. It is measured by arranging the scores in order from the smallest to the largest and then selecting the middle score.

Size of Organisation Licensable Staff Median Score
Micro Up to 10 32
Small 11 to 25 48
Medium 26 to 250 66
Large Over 250 113