ACS Changes, June 2017

Added to the Register

New Approvals

Name Comments Date of Approval
Bruce K9 Ltd Approved 7 June
Copeland Facilities Management Ltd Approved 13 June
Pagoda Security and Facilities Management Ltd Approved 14 June
Paramount Security Solutions Ltd Approved 21 June
Rapid Response Network Security Limited Approved 12 June
Trinity Protection Group Ltd Approved 19 June
United Safe Care Limited Approved 13 June

Removed from the Register

Name Reason for Removal Date of Removal
Camelot Property Management Ltd Approval Lapsed 6 June
DMS CCTV Control Ltd Approval Lapsed 26 June
Hawks Vision Limited Approval Lapsed 15 June
Lifeline Security Limited Approval Withdrawn 1 June
Pro-Tex Security Services Limited Approval Withdrawn 1 June
Safegard Solutions Limited Approval Lapsed 23 June
Sercon Support Services Limited Approval Lapsed 2 June
Strategic Services Corporation Limited Approval Lapsed 13 June
Visual Verification Limited Approval Lapsed 8 June