ACS Changes, January 2018

Added to the Register

New Approvals

Name Comments Date of Approval
Consortio Security Limited Approved 26 January
Definitive PSA Limited Approved 29 January
MDK9 Security Services Limited Approved 31 January
Pro Sentry Ltd Approved 19 January

New Conditions of Approval

Name Condition Applied Date Condition Applied
Engie Services Limited Engie Services are to notify the SIA within 5 working days when they have received notification of county court proceedings in respect of monies owed to another person or organisation and when a CCJ has been issued against them. Notification is for a period of 1 year until 18/01/2019. 26 January
ER Global Limited Continued ACS approval for Security Guarding and Door Supervision is granted on the condition that ER Global Limited ensures that licensable Security Guarding and Door Supervision activities are provided under a contract for services by 15/04/2018. 18 January

Removed from Register

Name Reason for Removal Date of Removal
Atlas FM Services Ltd Approval Withdrawn 22 January
Cledor Limited Approval Lapsed 31 January
Emprise Services PLC Approval Lapsed 22 January
Hawk-i Worldwide Limited Approval Withdrawn 27 January
Iridium 2005 Limited Approval Withdrawn 11 January
Multisec (UK) Limited Approval Lapsed 31 January
Serenity Security Solutions Limited Approval Lapsed 22 January