ACS Changes, March 2018

Added to the Register

New Approvals

Name Comments Date of Approval
Barrier Wing Group Ltd Approved 19 March
Bolton Security Limited Approved 12 March
ER Response and Security Ltd Approved 23 March
Frankton Group Ltd Approved 14 March
Giant Security Ltd Approved 14 March
Global Security Stewarding Limited Approved 19 March
Integral Protection Ltd Approved 14 March
Noremac Security Services Limited Approved 23 March
SRG Security Limited Approved 20 March
Stambridge Security Services Limited Approved 22 March

New Conditions of Approval

Name Condition Applied Date Condition Applied
Northern Security National Limited For a period of up to and including 1/09/2018, Northern Security National Limited, is required to submit copies of Licence dispensation notice issued for the past month with the audit log on the 1st of each month or the next working day thereafter. 20 March

Removed from Register

Name Reason for Removal Date of Removal
Absolute Event Solutions Limited Approval Withdrawn 27 March
Amtek Security Ltd Approval Lapsed 22 March
DPR Security Limited Approval Withdrawn 22 March
Fortus Consultants Limited Approval Lapsed 27 March
Ocean Securities (UK) Limited Approval Withdrawn 22 March
Wise Security Services Limited Approval Lapsed 27 March