ACS Changes, October 2018

Added to the Register

New Approvals

Name Comments Date of Approval
Amity Security Limited Approved 17 October
BAM FM Limited Approved 24 October
First Eagle Security Ltd Approved 30 October
Insignia Security Service Ltd Approved 17 October
Keywise Security Cyf Approved 17 October
Prime Security Services Ltd Approved 10 October
Quick Security Solutions Ltd Approved 17 October
Security & Facilities Support UK Ltd Approved 5 October

New Conditions of Approval

Name Condition Applied Date Condition Applied
Black Onyx Concepts Ltd A copy of any new contracts for the provision of security industry services. These details are to be provided within 5 working days of the commencement of the​ contract. Notification is for a period of 12 months until 31/10/2019. 1 October

Removed from Register

Name Reason for Removal Date of Removal
Eagle Security Group Ltd Approval Lapsed 26 October
Fulwood Security Services (UK) Ltd Approval Withdrawn 25 October
Learn Assist Security Limited Approval Lapsed 2 October
Pro-Secure Limited Approval Withdrawn 25 October
RS4 Security Ltd Approval Withdrawn 25 October