ACS Changes, November 2018

Added to the Register

New Approvals

Name Comments Date of Approval
Cobac Security Ltd Approved 16 November
Den Security Group Limited Approved 28 November
Diligent Business Services Limited Approved 13 November
ESP Security Solutions Approved 28 November
General Guard Security Services Approved 28 November
HSC Security Limited Approved 16 November
Jannet Security Services Ltd Approved 23 November
Joint Security Services Ltd Approved 14 November
Kingdom Protection Management Ltd Approved 28 November
McKenna Security Services Limited Approved 28 November
Talon Security Ltd Approved 16 November
The Sands Security Group Ltd Approved 13 November

Removed from Register

Name Reason for Removal Date of Removal
Atlas Security Patrol Ltd Approval Lapsed 21 November
Cardinal Security Limited Approval Lapsed 5 November
HRK Services Ltd Approval Lapsed 21 November
Impetus Business Services Limited Approval Lapsed 26 November
Ultimate Security Services Limited Approval Lapsed 13 November