ACS Changes, August 2019

Added to the Register


Name Comments Date of Approval
Corps 7 Ltd Approved 20 August 2019
DALL Cleaning Services PLC Approved 27 August 2019
Parallel Security Limited Approved 7 August 2019
Rade Protection Securities Ltd Approved 8 August 2019
Wise Security Ltd Approved 7 August 2019
Woodwill Limited Approved 27 August 2019

New Conditions of Approval

Name Condition Applied Date Condition Applied
Woodwill Limited Woodwill Limited are to provide the SIA with evidence that security Industry services are being supplied in the following sectors by the 7th day of each month. a) Security Guarding b) Door Supervision c) Key Holding. The evidence that must be supplied is invoices and receipt of payment. This notification is for a period of 5 months with the last notification taking place on 7th January 2020. 21 August 2019

Removed from Register

Name Reason for Removal Date of Removal
DCP Security Services Limited Approval Withdrawn 20 August 2019
Dunedin Facilities Management Limited Approval Lapsed 15 August 2019
ER Global Limited Approval Withdrawn 20 August 2019
Facilities Resource Management Limited Approval Lapsed 21 August 2019
Security 4 (Europe) Ltd Approval Lapsed 23 August 2019