ACS Changes March 2020

Added to the Register

Name Comments Date of Approval
Capricorn Security Group Holdings Limited (Incorporating Capricorn Media Protection Ltd) Approved 3 March
Cotswold Security Group Ltd Approved 9 March
Stellar Services Ltd Approved 10 March
Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) Ltd Approved 30 March

Removed from Register

Name Reason for Removal Date of Removal
Active Security Solutions Limited Approval Lapsed 2 March
Incentive Lynx Security Limited Approval Lapsed 2 March
Estate Services (NI) Limited Approval Lapsed 4 March
JWD Direct Ltd Approval Withdrawn 10 March
Otex Security Services Ltd Approval Lapsed 10 March
Pro-Active Recruitment Services Ltd Approval Lapsed 12 March
Aegis Conglomerate Ltd Approval Withdrawn 18 March
BJN Security Ltd Approval Withdrawn 18 March
Miris International Limited Approval Withdrawn 18 March
SRG Security Limited Approval Lapsed 24 March
Metropolis Security Limited Approval Withdrawn 24 March
Pace Prestige Services Ltd Approval Lapsed 30 March