Passport Route

We accredit certain alternative quality assurance schemes as being equivalent to the ACS Standard. If your business is accredited under one of these schemes you take the Passport route to ACS approval.

We have produced a document that provides general information about ACS passport schemes and details some of their key features.

Download the document- this link opens in a new window (download size: 170kb)

Applying Through the Passport Route

  1. Gain accreditation to an SIA-approved scheme and obtain copy of relevant certificate.
  2. Request an ACS application pack.
  3. Send your application to us with the relevant payment and copy of certificate.
  4. Your application is approved provided you meet our eligibility criteria.

Passport Route Explained

  1. An accredited ACS passport scheme is an alternative to the standard route to approval, via a scheme managed entirely by an assessing body. A passport scheme has additional requirements and benefits and adds value to the private security industry businesses.
  2. Assessment bodies are able to certificate businesses against a variety of standards, independently to us. Some relate specifically to the security industry, and others are more general business or quality standards.
  3. A passport scheme will specify the standards required, and any other criteria required to be met, to achieve certification. These are often called approval criteria.
  4. The assessment body will compare its passport scheme requirements to those of the ACS. Where there are gaps, it must address these. The assessment body will do this by specifying additional requirements. These are often referred to in a separate document called a passport specification.
  5. A range of standards, together with the assessment body's other criteria and passport specification together make up their ACS passport scheme. This is the passport scheme we have accredited as being equivalent to or better than the ACS standard route. Where the assessment body has assessed a business against its passport scheme, and the business has met the passport scheme requirements, the assessing body will then issue a passport certificate. This certificate can then be submitted to us as part of an ACS application.