Public Funds and the Procurement of Security Services

Since the introduction of our Approved Contractor Scheme, SIA approval has become a requirement for many public contracts.

In 2009 the Scottish Government announced that any contractor or sub-contractor providing security services under a Scottish Government contract must be approved by the SIA for that service. This announcement recognised the value of the ACS and highlighted how the scheme supports good practice in procurement.

Scottish Procurement Initiative

The policy was brought into effect in February 2010 by Scottish Procurement Policy Note SPPN 2/2010- this link opens in a new window. It applies to security contractors undertaking any of the activities we currently regulate. These are:

The policy does not apply to security contractors undertaking activities that are not licensed by the SIA (for example, alarm fitters or CCTV installers).

In February 2011 the scope of the policy was extended by a guidance note- this link opens in a new window issued by the Scottish Government's Housing Investment Division. Registered Social Landlords and all other recipients of grants for the construction of housing must ensure that any security contractors employed on projects supported by Scottish Government funding are approved under the ACS. Compliance with this requirement is a condition of grant funding.