ACS Review

The Approved Contractor Scheme is reviewed periodically to ensure that it:

  1. continues to serve the needs of security suppliers and buyers, and
  2. identifies any ways in which the Scheme may be improved.

2017-18 Review

A fundamental review of the scheme is being conducted in partnership with research company Pye Tait.

Phase One Findings

The extensive consultation process in phase one has been completed. Our delivery partner Pye Tait has summarised the main findings and recommendations from the research, which are available to download from the ACS review portal.

Go to the ACS review portal- this link opens in a new window

Our response to the research

Phase one of this project has highlighted a number of emerging themes which have influenced our thinking on how we can strengthen and improve the ACS. As a result we have taken some strategic decisions in relation to the future of the Scheme.