Standard Route

Open to all companies - no previous accreditation required. The Standard route to ACS approval begins with a self-assessment that is then verified by an independent assessor from an SIA-approved assessing body.

Applying Through the Standard Route

  1. Download the ACS Self Assessment Workbook , the associated detailed Guide and the Tips for Completing Your ACS Self Assessment. Assess your organisation and make improvements where necessary.
  2. Register on the SIA website to access the ACS online achievement record and record your scores and summary evidence. Ensure that you meet the required ACS Standard for all indicators in the Self Assessment Workbook, enabling you to move to the next step.
  3. Submit your achievement record and request an ACS application pack via the online system.
  4. Upload your completed application to us through your online business account and pay the relevant fees. We will advise whether you meet our eligibility criteria and if so, schedule a pre-approval interview with an SIA representative.
  5. Choose an assessing body from the SIA-approved list and arrange for a visit to verify your self-assessment.
  6. Following successful verification, your application will be approved provided you continue to meet our eligibility criteria.