Working with Children or Vulnerable Adults

Please note that:

  • "working with children or vulnerable adults" means work where the normal duties involve or are likely to involve being in sole charge of such persons.
  • "children" means persons under the age of eighteen;
  • "vulnerable adults" means persons aged eighteen or over who have a condition of the following type:
    1. a substantial learning or physical disability;
    2. a physical or mental illness or mental disorder, chronic or otherwise, including an addiction to alcohol or drugs; or
    3. a significant reduction in physical or mental capacity.

This covers individuals whose normal duties (i.e. performed on a regular basis as a matter of course) involve them being in charge of a child or vulnerable adult in circumstances where no one else is in charge of that person or shares that responsibility. It also covers a person whose normal duties are likely to involve such activity.

It remains the responsibility and statutory duty of an employer to check that an individual has been cleared to work with children or vulnerable adults. Possession of an SIA licence is not confirmation of this.