Licence Management

Licence Management is a service that gives your business greater control over the licensing of your staff.

As with our Licence Assist service, the Licence Management service provides tools that enable you to manage licence applications online. In addition to this Licence Management allows you to check and verify identity documents, removing the need for your staff to visit a post office as part of their application process.

This service is available to approved contractors who meet an additional set of criteria and conditions.​

How do I sign up?

Our diagram shows what you need to do to apply for access to the Licence Management service.

View the diagram full size- this link opens in a new window (download size: 522kb)

What are the business benefits?

  • Online access to submit and manage licence applications for your workforce.
  • The capability to update information e.g. Individual’s details directly onto the system.
  • The ability to assist prospective operatives through the licensing process, making your business an employer of choice.
  • Save time, cost and minimise the risk of document loss as the need to send valuable documents to us is removed in most cases.
  • Remove the need for the individual to go to a post office for identity verification.
  • You can receive real-time alerts of revoked or suspended licences and general updates.
  • Development of a closer relationship with us with direct access to dedicated support.
  • The ability to pay for single and multiple applications online and by direct debit.