Information for Approved Contractors

You will need to set up an online business account in order to use any of the services listed below. Login credentials from our old site will not work. You will need to set up a new account, with a new username and password.

As an SIA approved contractor you have the option to use our new Licence Assist service and, if you meet a set criteria, the Licence Management tool. The use of these tools is voluntary and you may choose not to use them.

Licence Assist will:

  • allow you to fill in and pay for applications on behalf of your staff.
  • keep you informed when we grant a licence to one of your staff.
  • enable you to check the licensable status of licence holders.

Licence Management will:

  • provide all of the benefits of Licence Assist.
  • reduce the time taken to apply for a licence by allowing you to carry out and endorse identity checks for new applicants without the need to for them to visit a post office.
  • provide the ability to update your employee's details on their behalf.

If you wish to use our Licence Management service, you will need to meet specific eligibility terms and conditions, over and above those for the Approved Contractor Scheme, and sign a partnership agreement with us.

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Alternatively, you may choose not to use either of the two services above and instead opt for our Licence Pay Only or service Licence Status Checker services.

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Licence Assist for Approved Contractors

During the registration process, select our Licence Pay Only service. Once you have completed the registration process, you can then log in and use the 'Contact the SIA' form to request access to our Licence Assist service.

How can I pay for the applications I submit?

If you are using our Licence Management, Licence Assist or Licence Pay Only services you can pay for licences you submit using either a debit/credit card or Direct Debit. You will need to set up your payment preferences when you set up your online business account.

If you choose to pay by Direct Debit you must allow 10 days for the Direct Debit mandate to be set up with your bank. Applications made during this 10 day period can be paid for using either a debit/credit card.