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General Guidance

Guidance Videos for Businesses

You may find it useful to view a set of videos created to help you understand how to use our licensing system.

Guidance Videos for Businesses

Licensing process for Businesses

Click the links below to download visual representations of the licence application process for Licence Assist, Licence Management and Licence Pay Only.

Licence Assist- this link opens in a new window(download size: 295kb)

Licence Pay Only- this link opens in a new window(download size: 298kb)

Licence Management- this link opens in a new window(download size: 296kb)

Licence Assist service

We have produced a guide on our Licence Assist service that gives step by step information on setting up a Licence Assist business account, linking and completing an application. This guidance also gives instructions for each page displayed in your online Licence Assist business account. This includes payment, watchlists and more.

Read more about our Licence Assist Service

Licence Pay Only

Our Licence Pay Only service allows you to pay the licence application fee on behalf of individual operatives by credit card, debit card or Direct Debit. If you choose to pay by Direct Debit you must allow 10 days for the Direct Debit mandate to be set up with your bank. Applications made during this 10 day period can be paid for using either a debit/credit card.

Before payment can be made, the operative must log in to their personal online account and submit their application. They must also agree to you paying by accepting your request to link with their account.

Our Licence Pay Only service includes all of the functionality of our Licence Status Checker service.

Licence Status Checker

Pulling data directly from the public register of licence holders, our Licence Status Checker service will enable you to create customised 'watchlists' so that you can check that the operatives you deploy hold valid, active licences.

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Making payment via direct debit

Companies using Licence Assist, Licence Management and Licence Pay Only can pay by Direct Debit. If you used to pay for bulk applications using direct debit, this Direct Debit will need to be cancelled and a new Direct Debit established through your new business account (you should allow 10 working days). We will inform you when this has been set up.

To set up Direct Debit payments:

  1. Select 'Business account' in the business online account and set your payment preference and add your bank details
  2. Print and post the signed copy of the Direct Debit mandate to us.

In the meantime you can submit and pay for applications using credit or debit card.

Direct Debit mandate- this link opens in a new window(download size: 109kb)

Payment issues

Are you using a smartphone or tablet?

Our licensing site was designed to be used on desktop and laptop computers. We recommend that you use a desktop or laptop to pay, rather than trying to do it from a smartphone or tablet device.

It may be your browser settings

You may be unable to pay online if your browser is set to prevent the use of cookies. Temporarily changing your computer settings to 'allow/enable cookies' may fix the problem.

Please see the links below, which will tell you how to change this setting for some commonly used web browsers. If you are using a device that doesn't belong to you, speak to the owner or relevant support personnel before making any changes. We advise you to change your settings back immediately after you have tried to pay again.

Internet Explorer- this link opens in a new window

Firefox- this link opens in a new window

Chrome- this link opens in a new window

Safari- this link opens in a new window

If you are still having problems making an online payment then please contact us using the 'Contact the SIA' option in your online account. Please give us the following information when you contact us:

  • Name and version of the operating system you were using (e.g. Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.11, Android 6.0)
  • Name and version of the web browser you were using (e.g. Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 54.0 or Safari)
  • Type of device you were using (i.e. desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet).
  • If you were using a smartphone or tablet then please provide the make and model (e.g. Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S7, Amazon Fire 7).

Providing this information will help us to diagnose and fix your problem.

Discounts on additional licences

A discount will be applied in the following scenarios:

  • You are applying for two or more licences in a single application;
  • You are applying for one or more additional licences and the individual holds a licence that is not due to expire within the next 4 months.

A discount is not applied if you are applying for additional licences and the individual holds a licence that will expire within the next 4 months.

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Online Account

Business user types

Business Users are people within your organisation who manage licence applications. There are three types of business user:

  • Super User
  • Operator
  • Administrator

The Super User is responsible for removing business users from the system. Reasons for requiring this service may be a change of role or if the individual has left the business and no longer requires access to the business account. It is the responsibility of the business to maintain accurate records. If an operative leaves your business you must de-link that individual from your business account.

Read more about different business users

Keeping Personal Information Safe

We have a responsibility to protect the information we hold on licence applicants and licence holders. If you ask us for information relating to one of your employees we will:

  • Confirm your identity by asking certain security questions.
  • Verify that the operative has given us permission to share their information with you. This permission is given when the operative accepts your request to link to their account – please see our website for more information about linking.

We cannot answer your questions unless you pass both of these requirements.

Watchlist issues

If the list fails to load this may be because the file is not in the correct format. If you update your lists in MS Excel, or a similar programme, please ensure the file extension remains, csv.

The full list of licences are not appearing in your watchlist because some of them have expired. Note that watchlists will only show licences if they appear in the public Register of Licence Holders, which does not display expired licences. If you upload any invalid licence numbers as part of your list, these will also not be displayed. You will receive a notification in your business account that will highlight any invalid licence numbers after your upload.

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Application Process

How to link to operatives

Linking to operatives allows Super Users and Operators to make applications on behalf of the operative. Operatives can only be linked to one business. To link to an operative you must do the following:

  1. In the ‘People’ tab, select ‘Invite an Operative to Link’. This will send a request to link to their personal online account. This needs to be sent to the same email address the recipient is using for their online account.
  2. The operative will need to register for an online account before they can accept the link.
  3. The linking request will time out after 48 hours; if it is not accepted a further request will need to be sent. Operatives who have not yet accepted a sent link will show as ‘Pending’ in the ‘People’ tab of your business account.
  4. At the point of linking the operative is asked to confirm that they are content to provide this consent by accepting the terms provided in the linking process.
  5. After successfully completing the linking process, the business will be able to see that individuals’ data. The business will not see any applications created/submitted before they link to the individual, or any applications created by the individual after they have linked. The business will be able to see personal information for any linked individual by starting a new application for that individual, as this information is automatically completed in the application You will not be able to submit an application on their behalf until they accept the linking request.

How to Remove a Link

Should an operative decide they want to de-link from your business, they can do this from the ‘My Details’ tab in their personal account. Your business will be alerted by a notification in your business account. The de-linked operative will be listed in your ‘People’ tab and their licence details will be removed from the ‘Licences’ tab.

Links between businesses using our Licence Pay Only or Licence Assist services operatives will automatically expire when a final decision has been made on the operative's application.

Links created between business using our Licence Management service and operatives will not expire; they will continue to exist and the business will be able to edit personal information such as the individual's address.

Operative's licence not showing on renewal section

This may be because:

  • You are not linked to them or
  • They have started their application before they have linked with you
  • Applicants might have duplicate accounts

You can't renew a licence unless the applicant currently hold an active licence in that sector. If the licence has expired, you will need to apply for a new licence. We will accept licence renewals up to four months in advance of when your current licence expires.

Licence Dispensation Notice

Authorisation to deploy security staff while their licence applications are being processed is given to an Approved Contractor in the form of an SIA Licence Dispensation Notice (LDN).

The Approved Contractor then issues a personal LDN to each individual member of staff who is entitled to work under the terms of this dispensation. The personal LDN is issued on an Approved Contractor's own stationery but conforming to a template issued by us.

Please see the link below to view the terms and conditions for deploying staff under dispensation notices.

ACS terms and conditions- this link opens in a new window(download size: 155kb)

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