Changes to Licensing - Help and Guidance for Business Users

You are having problems when trying to pay for your application online

Are you using a smartphone or tablet?

Our licensing site was designed to be used on desktop and laptop computers. We recommend that you use a desktop or laptop to pay, rather than trying to do it from a smartphone or tablet device.

It may be your browser settings

You may be unable to pay online if your browser is set to prevent the use of cookies. Temporarily changing your computer settings to 'allow/enable cookies' may fix the problem.

Please see the links below, which will tell you how to change this setting for some commonly used web browsers. If you are using a device that doesn't belong to you, speak to the owner or relevant support personnel before making any changes. We advise you to change your settings back immediately after you have tried to pay again.

Internet Explorer- this link opens in a new window

Firefox- this link opens in a new window

Chrome- this link opens in a new window

Safari- this link opens in a new window

If you are still having problems making an online payment then please contact us using the 'Contact the SIA' option in your online account. Please give us the following information when you contact us:

  • Name and version of the operating system you were using (e.g. Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.11, Android 6.0)
  • Name and version of the web browser you were using (e.g. Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 54.0 or Safari)
  • Type of device you were using (i.e. desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet).
  • If you were using a smartphone or tablet then please provide the make and model (e.g. Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S7, Amazon Fire 7).

Providing this information will help us to diagnose and fix your problem.

The postcode search is not finding your address

You can proceed by entering your postcode in the search box and then selecting 'No match found' in the box underneath.

You want to understand the licensing process

Click the links below to download visual representations of the licence application process forLicence Assist,Licence Management andLicence Pay Only.

Licence Assist- this link opens in a new window(download size: 296kb)

Licence Pay Only- this link opens in a new window(download size: 298kb)

Licence Management- this link opens in a new window(download size: 296kb)

You are using the Licence Assist service but need further guidance

We have produced a guide on our Licence Assist service that gives step by step information on setting up a Licence Assist business account, linking and completing an application. This guidance also gives instructions for each page displayed in your online Licence Assist business account. This includes payment, watchlists and more.

Read more about our Licence Assist Service

You received a 'further information request' and need to respond

When responding to a 'further information request', you must respond via your online business account, instead of responding directly to the email.

Sending us information through your online business account will mean that personal information is protected. When you do this it is transferred securely through your secure account and information is shared directly with the team managing your applications.

If you have responded to the email and not to the message in your business account then we would encourage you to respond to the portal message in your online account as soon as possible.

Once we receive the information via your online account then we can progress the application. If a reply has been sent via email, it will not be processed.

To see these requests, please go to your messages and you will have an area called 'Information Requests'.

You want to pay by direct debit

Companies using Licence Assist, Licence Management and Licence Pay Only can pay by Direct Debit. If you used to pay for bulk applications using direct debit, this Direct Debit will need to be cancelled and a new Direct Debit established through your new business account (you should allow 10 working days). We will inform you when this has been set up.

To set up Direct Debit payments:

  1. Select 'Business account' in the business online account and set your payment preference and add your bank details
  2. Print and post the signed copy of the Direct Debit mandate to us.

In the meantime you can submit and pay for applications using credit or debit card.

You are unable to sort your watchlist by licence status

You are able to sort your watchlist by various columns; licence number, licence sector, role, expiry date. To do this click on the column heading (click again to reverse the order). However you are not able to sort the watchlist by licence status - this will be updated later this year.

You are able to view whether a licence is active, suspended, cancelled, replaced or revoked in the 'status' column of the watchlist. Expired licences will not be shown in the watchlist.

The discount is not being applied for an additional licence

If an individual holds a licence when they apply for another one in a different sector, or a company using Licence Management or Licence Assist applies for another one on their behalf,the first licence must have more than four months left to run in order for the second licence to be discounted.

If you think the discount has not been applied as per the rules above, please contact us through your online account, prior to making the payment. If you have already paid for the licence and the discount was not applied correctly, please contact us and we will refund you the required amount.

An operative's licence is not showing for renewal in my business account, but it needs renewing

This may be because:

  • You are not linked to them or
  • They have started their application before they have linked with you

You are not able to see the status of applications that were made in our old system

The status of licence applications what were made in our old system will not be available for viewing through a business account.

The individual who applied for a licence in the old system, should register for an online account and match their data. Once their data has been matched, they will be able to check the status of their application.

If you want to understand the status of the application, you must contact the individual.

You are a training provider and you want to know where to send applications

We know that some training providers chose to assist their learners with the licence application process by acting as a company sponsor and submitting applications through our bulk application service. They did this as a 'value added' service for the learners on their courses, making it part of their sales proposition.

We no longer offer the bulk application service.

Please do not send us any paper applications you may have; we will not process them and will simply return them to you. The individuals concerned should now apply online, using our new licensing site.

You may still pay for licence applications if you wish, but you will need to do so online through our Licence Pay Only service and you will need to pay by credit/debit card. You will not be able to enter, view or edit the details of any applications; that will need to be done by the applicants themselves.

Read more about our Licence Pay Only Service

You've uploaded a list of licences to the watchlist, but not all of these are appearing.

The full list of licences are not appearing in your watchlist because some of them have expired. Note that watchlists will only show licences if they appear in the public Register of Licence Holders, which does not display expired licences. If you upload any invalid licence numbers as part of your list, these will also not be displayed. You will receive a notification in your business account that will highlight any invalid licence numbers after your upload.

You're unable to upload the list of licences you have

If the list fails to load this may be because the file is not in the correct format. If you update your lists in MS Excel, or a similar programme, please ensure the file extension remains, csv.

Guidance Videos for Businesses

You may find it useful to view a set of videos created to help you understand how to use our licensing system.

Guidance Videos for Businesses