Information for All Organisations

You will need to set up an online business account in order to use any of the services listed below. Login credentials from our old site will not work: you will need to set up a new account, with a new username and password.

What to Expect When You Register

We offer two services that any organisation can use free of charge to:

  • Pay for applications on behalf of operatives.
  • Check that the operatives they deploy hold valid, active licences.

You will need to register for an online business account with us in order to access these services. During the registration process you will be asked to specify which service you wish to use.

After you have selected a service, you will need to set up a 'super user'. A 'super user' is one of three business user accounts we offer.

Read more about business users

Licence Pay Only

Our Licence Pay Only service allows you to pay the licence application fee on behalf of individual operatives by credit card, debit card or Direct Debit. If you choose to pay by Direct Debit you must allow 10 days for the Direct Debit mandate to be set up with your bank. Applications made during this 10 day period can be paid for using either a debit/credit card.

Before payment can be made, the operative must log in to their personal online account and submit their application. They must also agree to you paying by accepting your request to link with their account.

If the operative does not currently hold an SIA licence they will need to visit a UK post office* in order to complete their application. We will inform both you and them if this is the case.

* They can let us know during the application process if they're unable to get to a UK post office that offers our application service. We will tell them what to do next.

Our Licence Pay Only service includes all of the functionality of our Licence Status Checker service.

Licence Status Checker

Pulling data directly from the public register of licence holders, our Licence Status Checker service will enable you to create customised 'watchlists' so that you can check that the operatives you deploy hold valid, active licences.