Our Enforcement Approach

The SIA expects compliance with the law at all times.

We have a range of sanctions for non-compliance available to us. We may take some or all of the following factors into account when deciding what action to take:

  • The time elapsed since the activity became licensable.
  • The progress an individual has made towards getting or renewing a licence e.g. training completed, licence application submitted.
  • Whether an individual already holds a licence for another licensable sector.
  • The progress a company has made towards getting its workforce licensed e.g. proportion of staff licensed, proportion of staff trained and proportion of staff who have submitted a licence application.
  • The current licensing processing time and the size of any build-up of applications being held by the SIA.
  • The availability of training to achieve the qualification for licensing.
  • Previous encounters with or warnings given by the SIA or other agency.
  • Where there are circumstances in which the Government has indicated a firm intention to exempt or exclude from licensing.
  • Any other factor that we think is relevant in the circumstances.

The weight given to each and any of these factors will be dependent on all the circumstances of the particular case.

Companies and individuals should be aware that:

  • They remain liable to prosecution for any offence committed.
  • Insurance cover of both the security supplier and the security customer could be compromised if unlicensed operatives are being used.
  • Non-compliance with the licensing requirements could jeopardise a future application for a licence or accreditation under the Approved Contractor Scheme.

The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) supports our approach to enforcement and has incorporated it into its advice to the police forces of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.