Reporting Vehicle Immobilisers

We welcome any information relating to vehicle immobilisers operating without a licence or in breach of the licensing conditions.

Please note that we cannot provide feedback on any actions we may take as a result of the information you provide. Please also note that we are unable to pursue cases on behalf of specific individuals.

There are some areas of vehicle immobiliser operations that we do not regulate:

  • We do not regulate vehicle immobilising on public roads
  • We do not regulate the size of the release fee
  • We do not regulate the time taken to release a vehicle
  • We do not regulate the adequacy of signage around the site warning that vehicles may be immobilised

If you were parked on a public road you may wish to contact your local council- this link opens in a new window.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly you should take this up with the vehicle immobiliser concerned or their employer. If this is not possible or you remain dissatisfied you may wish to consider engaging the services of a solicitor and taking civil legal action. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau- this link opens in a new window or Trading Standards- this link opens in a new window office may be able to offer advice on this.

If a vehicle immobiliser uses threatening behaviour or intimidation they may be committing a criminal offence and we would recommend that you report such instances to the police.

Vehicle immobilising is a legitimate business. If you park on private land without permission you are running the risk of your car being legally clamped, blocked in or towed away.

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