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Access Northern Ireland A criminal record disclosure service in Northern Ireland.
Administrator Named person within a business whose role it is to manage the online business account. An administrator has the permission to add Operators to the account.
AllPay Third party service used by the SIA who provide a complete payment service e.g. internet payments, direct debit etc.
Annual Approved Contractor Scheme assessment The annual ACS assessment will include the Licence Management requirements, and will report on these in the assessment visit report.
Appeal An individual can challenge the SIA's decision to refuse, suspend, revoke, or apply additional conditions to a licence. There is a specific appeals process, details can be found on our website. An individual can make an appeal through their online account. A business cannot make an appeal on behalf of an individual.
Appeals process (Licence Management) The approved contractor may initiate an appeal to the SIA regarding any decision by the SIA to suspend or terminate the Licence Management Agreement.
Approved Contractor Scheme additional conditions These are conditions applied (over and above the generic terms and conditions) to an approval that are specific to an approved contractor. They are listed on the public Register of Approved Contractors.
Approved Contractor Scheme assessor The individual that works for an assessing body, and that is approved by the SIA to carry out assessments.
Approved Contractor Scheme terms and conditions Businesses approved to operate as an approved contractor must adhere to a generic set of terms and conditions in order to maintain their approval.
Assessing body A body approved by the SIA, to assess organisations against the ACS standard.
Awarding body Develop qualifications and operate the examination system against the SIA specifications. Achieve OFQUAL/SQA/DELLS accreditation and SIA endorsement. Approve training and assessment centres. Award the qualification and input data into the SIA qualifications database. Provide quality assurance of the assessment and qualification process.



Business user The collective noun for super user, operator and/ or administrator who have varying degrees of management rights to a business account.


Cash and valuables in transit The licence required when guarding property against destruction or damage, against being stolen or against being otherwise dishonestly taken or obtained, involving the secure transportation of property in vehicles specially manufactured or adapted so as to have secure transportation as their primary function. The licence is only required if this activity is carried out in relation to a contract for services.
Close protection The licence required when guarding one or more individuals against assault or against injuries that might be suffered in consequence of the unlawful conduct of others. The licence is only required if this activity is carried out in relation to a contract for services.
Code of Connection The SIA Code of Connection is a mandatory set of requirements that must be demonstrated before a business using the Licence Management service can connect to the SIA. Businesses using the Licence Management service are required to provide a compliance statement against the Code of Connection specifying how their information technology meets a set of baseline requirements. The requirements are adopted from ISO27001, a framework for assessing risk published by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).
Conditions of approval (Approved Contractor Scheme) See Approved Contractor Scheme additional conditions.
Consent statements Statements that confirm an individual's agreement to certain activities being undertaken on their behalf e.g. authorising their employer to manage applications on their behalf or agreeing to let the SIA share their information with third parties. Unless the respective consent statements are accepted, application activities will not be able to proceed (i.e. required identity checks.
Criminality check A record search carried out to determine whether or not a licence applicant satisfies our published criminality criteria.


De-link The activity by which a business or individual removes a connection previously made through the linking process on their respective online accounts. This means a business will no longer have visibility, or be able to manage the account of the individual who was previously linked.
Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) provides criminal records disclosure services to help employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children. It replaces the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA).
Disclosure Scotland Disclosure Scotland is an executive agency of the Scottish Government, providing criminal record disclosure services for employers and voluntary sector organisations
Door supervision The licence required if manned guarding activities are undertaken in relation to licensed premises, except where the activity only involves the use of CCTV equipment or falls within the definition of Cash and Valuables in Transit or Close Protection described above. The licence is required if an individual carries out this activity during the course of any employment of his, regardless of whether the activities are carried out on a self-employed basis, an “in-house” basis, or carried out in relation to any contract for services.


Exceptional circumstances (for non-employees; for applications of other businesses in group) Only where agreed in advance with the SIA in exceptional circumstances (such as business contingency), may temporary workers or contractors operate as Key Staff and submit licence applications.


Front line A licence type required for those individuals who carry out the activities of a security operative. A licence card will be issued when this licence is granted, and this card must be displayed at all times whilst engaging in licensable conduct (unless operating in accordance with an exemption from this requirement). A variation to this is a Key holding licence, which is issued in the form of a letter and must be produced on the request of the SIA, a police officer, or other authorised person.


Geographical exemption When an individual is unable to use a post office as the service is not offered sufficiently local to them.
Group A documents Documents which confirm the applicant’s identity. Examples include a passport or UK driving licence.
Group A exemption When a licence applicant does not have any of the required Group A documents. They will be asked to provide additional Group B documents to certify their identity.
Group B documents Documents which confirm the applicant’s current address. Examples include a bank statement or council tax statement.


Identity checks These are the checks that are carried out to verify an individual's identity using a variety of methods e.g. Group A and B documents, Experian, HMPO as part of the licensing process.
Improvement needs An improvement need is issued when a company is deemed to fall below the required achievement level necessary to meet the ACS standard.
Individual The application route for those existing and prospective licence holders that are not applying for a licence through a business i.e. you are not applying through Licence Management, Licence Assist or Licence Pay Only.
Initial Licence Management assessment The SIA needs to be assured that the business can operate to the eligibility criteria (before giving access to Licence Management). The SIA will conduct the initial assessment of the business against the eligibility criteria.


Key holding The licence required when keeping custody of, or controlling access to, any key or similar device for operating (whether mechanically, electronically or otherwise) any lock. The licence is only required if this activity is carried out in relation to a contract for services.
Key staff (Licence Management) As defined in the Partnership Agreement.
Key staff criteria (Licence Management) As defined in the Partnership Agreement.


Lapsed approval (Approved Contractor Scheme) If an approved contractor fails to renew its approval when due, their approval will cease, as will their Licence Management approval.
Licence Assist This service is only available for private security businesses that are members of the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS).

Licence Assist will allow a business to:
• complete and pay for applications on behalf of their staff.
• keep informed when the SIA grants a licence to one of their staff.
• check the licensable status of licence holders.

The individual will still need to go to a post office to have their identity documents checked (note: straightforward renewals will not need to have identity documents checked at a post office). The business must obtain the consent of the individual to act on their behalf, through the online linking process.
Licence card A credit card-sized plastic card that must be worn by front-line operatives when undertaking licensable activity unless specifically exempted from this requirement.
Licence Management This service is only available for private security businesses that are members of the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS). Licence Management will allow a business to:

• complete and pay for applications on behalf of their staff;
• keep informed when the SIA grants a licence to one of their staff;
• check the licensable status of licence holders;
• reduce the time taken to apply for a licence by allowing the business to carry out and endorse identity checks for new applicants without the need to for them to visit a post office;
• update employees’ details on their behalf.

Businesses using this service will need to meet performance criteria over and above those required by the ACS, pass an assessment including a Code of Connection (IT security) and sign a partnership agreement with the SIA.

The business must obtain the consent of the individual to act on their behalf, through the online linking process.
Licence Management assessment The SIA and its third party assessing bodies will check that the business meets and continues to meet the Licence Management eligibility criteria and conditions throughout the period of approval.
Licence Management conditions A set of requirements that the business, once approved to use Licence Management, must meet.
Licence Management Decisions Panel The SIA panel that will make decisions in relation to the use of Licence Management services
Licence Management eligibility criteria A set of requirements that the business must satisfy and continue to satisfy in order to use Licence Management.
Licence Management Manual The SIA’s manual (as updated from time to time), which sets out standards, processes and templates in respect of the Licence Management service.
Licence Pay Only (Also known as Pay-on-behalf-of) This service requires a funding body to pay for a licence application. The funding body must obtain the consent of the individual to act on their behalf, through the online linking process.
Licence refusal letter In circumstances where the application is refused, a licence refusal letter is issued to the individual and or business who submitted the application, confirming this final decision.
Licence Status Checker (Also known as watchlist). This facility will allow the user to develop a customised list of licensed individuals to monitor. The information is drawn from the public register of licence holders, and the facility is open to any registered business user.
Licensable Operative A person undertaking licensable activity.
Linking The online process that allows a business to link their business account to the individual's account. This process includes the individual providing consent to allow the business to act on their behalf.


Non-front line A licence type required for those who act as manager, supervisor, employer, or director etc. of licensable security operatives. This licence is issued in the form of a letter must be produced on the request of the SIA, a police officer, or other authorised person.
Notifications Communications sent to licence holders or businesses from the SIA e.g. regarding upcoming licence expiry.


Online account The access point by which businesses and individuals will enter the self-service website and manage their licence accounts.
Online Achievement Record (OLAR) This is the online assessment that approved contractors have to complete on an annual basis to maintain their approved contactor status.
Online exemption The application channel used when we agree an individual is unable to use our online services.
Operator Named person within a business who has system access and permission to manage linked operatives' licence applications.
Overseas criminality record checks Relates to those who have lived overseas or spent six continuous months or more outside the UK, evidence of a criminal record check from the relevant country or countries must be supplied.


Partnership agreement The terms set out in this agreement provide the basis on which the SIA is willing to grant approval to an ACS business to use the Licence Management service. Both the SIA and the business using Licence Management must sign up to this agreement.
Pilot A period ahead of go-live of the new licensing services available in Spring 2016 where nine ACS businesses test the functionality and suitability of the new Licence Management application tool.
Post office The Post Office provides a service as part of the SIA licence application process.  First time licence applicants, and those who require a photo refresh will have to go to a designated post office (with the relevant equipment) unless they work for a business using Licence Management in order to have their identity documents verified and, if required, pay for their applications.
Public space surveillance (CCTV) The licence required when manned guarding activities are undertaken involving the use of closed circuit television equipment to:
a)  monitor the activities of a member of the public in a public or private place; or
b)  identify a particular person
including the use of CCTV in these cases to record images that are viewed on non-CCTV equipment, for purposes other than identifying a trespasser or protecting property.
The licence is only required if this activity is carried out in relation to a contract for services.


Qualification The qualification required for the sector for which the licence application is being made.
Quality assurance (of Licence Management) Activities undertaken by the SIA to monitor and assure itself that the business is meeting the Licence Management eligibility criteria and conditions.


Register of licence holders (Also known as the Public Register) The public register is the official list of all issued licences and their current status e.g. revoked, active etc.
Renewal An application is treated as a renewal if the application is for the same sector as the current licence and the application is received no more than four months before the expiry date of the licence. The application must also be submitted to the SIA before the expiry of the current licence.
Request for information A message raised on the individuals and/ or businesses online account for further information regarding an application.
Right to Work The right and individual must have in order to work in the UK.


Sanctions (Licence Management) A breach of Licence Management conditions, or terms of the Partnership Agreement, may lead to withdrawal of Licence Management approval. However in practice, the SIA will work with the business to maintain compliance whenever this can be achieved, without undermining the credibility of the ACS. Sanctions are actions that the SIA may take, short of withdrawal of Licence Management, in order to achieve compliance.
Security guarding The licence required when manned guarding activity is undertaken which does not fall within the description of Door Supervisor, Close Protection, Cash and Valuables in Transit, or Public Space Surveillance (CCTV).  The licence is only required if this activity is carried out in relation to a contract for services.
Self assessment workbook The Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) sets out the standards expected for approval. The Self-Assessment Workbook provides the detail to enable organisations to show that they meet these standards. The output of the Self-Assessment Workbook is detailed on the Online Achievement Record (OLAR)
Self assessment workbook achievement level To help organisations understand where they are in relation to the requirements of the standard, up to five different achievement levels are defined for each indicator. The required achievement level (scored at zero) is the minimum required to become approved. Organisations achieving a higher level of achievement will score +1,+2 etc., whereas those not achieving the minimum level will score -1,-2 etc.
Self assessment workbook criteria and indicators The workbook presents the nine criteria of the ACS Standard and the associated sub-criteria. The indicators within each sub-criterion will allow an organisation to demonstrate what they do, how they do it, the extent to which it is done within the organisation, how the organisation knows its actions are successful. See the Self-Assessment Workbook for more details.
Self-service website The system by which individuals and businesses will manage their licence requirements. Accessible through a personal or business account on the SIA website.
Service request An activity that the licence holder/ business may carry out. E.g. to request a replacement licence, check the progress of an application or update personal information. This service request can be carried out through the self-service website.
SIA decision making When there are queries or complications with applications, the application will be sent to SIA manual decision making team.
SIA Identity checking standard This is detailed in the Licence Management manual, and sets out what the business is required to do to establish the true identity of an individual for whom it wished to submit a licence application.
SMS text alerts Message alerts, sent from the SIA to a licence holders mobile phone with information unique to the recipient e.g. about their current licence or regarding the progress of a current application.
Super user Named person within a business who has system access and permission to operate as an Operator and Administrator as well as add additional Super users to the business account.


Third party checks An organisation that runs required checks to validate the personal information submitted within applications such as address history (Experian), UK passport details (HMPO), mental health etc.
Training providers Organisations approved by awarding bodies to deliver licence-linked training.
Transition The period of time when we move our operations from the current IT system, Siebel into STeP and implement other organisation changes to support the new ways of working.


Vehicle immobilisation The licence required if you undertake the immobilisation, restriction or removal of vehicles in Northern Ireland.


Withdrawal of Licence Management approval Under certain circumstances the SIA may withdraw approval for the business to use Licence Management services. A business may also choose to stop using the services, and have their approval withdrawn.