Information for Applicants

Before You Apply

Before you apply for a licence you should check that you will meet our licensing criteria. Doing so may save you time and money: you will not be granted a licence unless you meet the criteria and the licence fee is non-refundable.

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How much does it cost?

The licence application fee is £220 for a three year licence, except for front line vehicle immobiliser licences where the fee is £220 for a one year licence.

50% discount: Some people may need more than one licence; in such cases the second licence will be discounted by 50%.

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How long will it take?

There is no standard timescale for licence applications.

The time taken to process your application will be affected by many different factors: your nationality (insofar as it affects your right to work in the UK), your address history, your criminal record if you have one, whether you’ve spent time outside the UK, and so on. Every application carries with it its own specific set of circumstances that must be taken into account.

Because of this, each application will be processed according to its own individual timescale.

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Get Licensed Booklet

Cover of the 'Get Licensed' booklet

Our 'Get Licensed' booklet (download size: 889kb) contains comprehensive information about SIA licensing.

Changes from the previous edition are detailed here.



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