Criminal Record Checks for Military/Ex-Military Personnel

If you live overseas or you have spent six continuous months or more outside the UK in the past five years, we will require evidence of a criminal record check from the relevant country or countries. If you were in military service during this time you may submit an extract from your military record instead.

The extract you provide must:

  • be the original document you were given, not a copy;
  • cover (and state that it covers) all of the periods within the past five years during which you were overseas for six continuous months or more and serving in the military;
  • expressly disclose any and all convictions you may have received during this time;
  • be from an identified source that we can contact if we need to verify the extract's authenticity.

If you are unable to provide this information then you should let us know. We will then work with you to resolve the issue.

Extracts from HM Armed Forces service records can be requested from the following addresses:

Royal Navy

RN Disclosure Cell
Room 48
West Battery
Whale Island

Royal Marines

Data Protection Cell
Building 1/152
Victory View
HM Naval Base

Tel: 02392 723 114 / 02392 727 531 / 02392 720 014
Fax: 02392 725 829


Disclosure 1
MP 520
Army Personnel Centre
65 Brown Street
G2 8EX

Tel: 0845 600 9663

Royal Air Force

RAF Disclosures Section
Room 221b, Trenchard Hall
RAF Cranwell
NG34 8HB

Further information is available from the RAF website- this link opens in a new window.