Changes to 'Get Licensed'

On 22 February 2019 we published a new version of Get Licensed. This new version clarifies and updates parts of the Training and Qualifications chapter. These changes are briefly described below.


References to exams have been changed to references to assessments. This is because the word "exam" does not cover all of the methods of assessment used in licence linked qualifications.

Applicants who have had a licence before

The opening paragraphs of the Training and Qualifications chapter describe when we will accept qualifications from applicants who have had a licence before, but where this licence has expired. The previous version of Get Licensed referred to renewals in this paragraph. This is not strictly accurate, as a renewal only exists when a person with an unexpired licence applies for a new licence. References to renewals have therefore been removed from this paragraph to avoid confusion, and the paragraph has been rewritten to make it easier to understand.


The previous version of Get Licensed used the word "modules" to refer to the different parts of the qualifications. The word used by awarding organisations is "units," and so this word has been substituted for "modules".

The chart showing the different units for each qualification has also been changed so that it gives the exact name of the specialist unit for each qualification. This has been done to make the chart more precise and clear.

Awarding organisation names

The names of awarding organisations have been updated to reflect what these bodies call themselves.

Qualification for a Cash and Valuables in Transit licence

Laser Learning Awards offer this qualification and a reference to them has been added to the chart that shows who offers this qualification.

Qualifications for a Close Protection licence

The section on First Aid awards has been rewritten to make it clearer, and has been updated to reflect changes in the qualifications available.

At the end of this section a reference to completing examinations has been added in order for this section to be clear on all the actions necessary to obtain the relevant qualification.