Criminal Record Indicator

This on-line facility will give an indication of whether or not you meet our criminality criteria.

The criminal record indicator includes a list of the offences we take into account when making a licensing decision. You will be asked to enter information about all cautions, warnings, absolute/conditional discharges, admonishments and convictions you may have - and in the case of convictions, the actual sentence received. You will remain anonymous throughout the process.

The resulting indicator is based entirely on the information that you enter today and is not a guaranteed outcome of the actual criminality check that we will conduct at the time of your application.

Please note that:

  • If your offence is a statutory offence named in the list but at the time of your conviction was an offence under common law, or was defined in an earlier or later Act, we will regard it in the way it is listed here. We will also take your offence into account if it is not explicitly listed here but falls under the same section of a relevant identified Act.
  • If your offence is not in the list and cannot be regarded or interpreted in the same or similar way as a listed offence, then we will not take it into account when making a decision on your licence application.

This system cannot give you an indication of your likely eligibility if you have received a sentence of life imprisonment, have juvenile convictions, have been detained because of mental health problems, or have received convictions overseas. If these circumstances apply you will not necessarily be ineligible for a licence, but we shall need to give special consideration to your case, which we cannot do until we have received your application.

If you have convictions on your record that relate to the most recent conflict in Northern Ireland, please read this page for further information.