Criminality Checks Through Disclosure Scotland

If you are applying for or are renewing an SIA licence and you currently live in Scotland, our procedure is to request a criminality check from Disclosure Scotland. Disclosure Scotland uses a paper-based process, which is therefore reliant on the speed of the postal service.

The first stage of this process is that you will receive a Disclosure Scotland application form. Please complete this carefully and return to us as soon as possible.

If you have not received a Disclosure Scotland form within ten days of your application entering the 'Checks in Progress' stage, please submit a service request through the 'Contact the SIA' tab in your online account.

More about the stages of the application process

Once you have returned your correctly signed and completed Disclosure Scotland form to us, we will countersign it and post it to Disclosure Scotland. Disclosure Scotland have a service level agreement of 14 days to process applications, however, in practice these are usually completed substantially quicker than 14 calendar days.

In some cases, to allow you to appeal certain spent convictions, Disclosure Scotland will contact you to ask you if you want your criminality certificate to be disclosed to us. They will usually wait up to 10 working days for a response from you. The sooner you respond to them, the sooner they can release your certificate to us.

On average, applications requiring a criminality check from Disclosure Scotland take 36 working days from the start of the ‘Checks in Progress’ stage, rather than the 25 working day target which we aim to achieve for 80% of applications.

Please ensure you fully read the letter that comes with this form as this contains instructions on what boxes and sections we need you to fill in. Failure to not follow these could lead to a further delay in your application. If you wish to add any information please use the additional sheet provided; please do not write onto the form itself.