Discounts for Multiple Licences

You may need more than one licence; if you do, the additional licences will be discounted by 50%. As an example, if you apply for a Security licence (at a cost of £190) and you also need a Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) licence, the second licence will cost £95.

If you already hold a licence and you apply for another one in a different sector, then both of the following conditions must be met in order for the discount to be applied:

  1. you paid the full fee of £190 for your existing licence, and;
  2. your existing licence must have more than four months left to run.

The discount is applied for additional licences in different sectors; it is not applied if you are renewing a licence for the same sector.

We will take the discount into account when we calculate the required application fee.

Front Line Vehicle Immobiliser Licences

The discount does not apply to front line vehicle immobiliser licences. If you apply for more than one licence and one of them is a front line vehicle immobiliser licence, that licence must be paid for in full.

  • If the held licence is a front line vehicle immobiliser and has more than more than four months left to run , the discount will automatically be applied to the other licence(s).
  • If the new licence application is for a front line vehicle immobiliser, the discount will not be applied.