Other Checks

There are a number of checks we must make when processing your licence application. We will check: your identity; your age (you must be over 18 to hold an SIA licence); whether you have completed the required level of training; whether you have a criminal record and (if you have) what is on it.

We may also look at other types of information.

Mental Health

We will take into account any recent mental health problems where you have had to be detained or been subject to other compulsory measures in the five years prior to your application. We will not seek out information about any mental health problems which have not been subject to compulsory measures or resulted in detention.

If you have any recent mental health problems you will be required to provide a current medical report outlining the condition and any ongoing treatments. The report must be from the treating psychiatrist, psychologist or a general practitioner who is in regular contact with you and monitoring your condition. A report from a nursing professional will not be sufficient.

In assessing what impact such a report will have on your application we will consider:

  • Any recommendations that are provided by the medical report. For example if you have to be reviewed by the professional, the frequency of the review may provide guidance as to the intervals when a further report would be required by us.
  • In line with such guidance, a condition may be placed on your licence that a report will be requested from the mental health professional overseeing your treatment at certain intervals.
  • If the medical report shows that you are required to take medication to maintain stable mental health, we may also require regular reports from a mental health professional. The frequency of providing these reports to us will be at least every 12 months.
  • If you are not required to take medication nor require regular reviews, you will still need to provide an updated medical report upon licence renewal.

The cost of providing the report will be borne by you.

The Right to Work

We may seek information to confirm that you have the right to remain and to work in the UK. This does not replace the statutory responsibility of employers to ensure their employees have the right to work in this country or their responsibility to ensure employees with restricted hours visas do not work more hours than allowed. Employers should also ensure that they know if an employee's right to work expires before their SIA licence expires. Employers should not accept the possession of an SIA licence as proof of the licence holder's right to work in the UK.

More about our right to work checks

Use of Other Information

We will not normally seek out information about you that may be held by organisations we work with (such as the police and local authorities) which has not been tested in criminal courts. But if such information is offered to us, or we have other information from our own sources (e.g. SIA Warnings, County Court judgements), then we will consider it. In this context 'information' will normally mean compelling evidence of relevant criminal activity (as defined in the list of offences featured in Get Licensed), anti-social behaviour, criminal association or activity that is likely to bring the industry into disrepute or indicates that the applicant is not a fit and proper person to hold a licence. If we revoke your licence or refuse your licence application on the basis of this information then we will tell you, and you can, if you wish, challenge the decision and the information on which it was based.

Where such information is known to us, we will normally consider the recency of that information in line with the seriousness of the offence to which that information is most clearly related (e.g. CCTV evidence of assault).

In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to take into account, on a case by case basis, any relevant information from any time period received or known to us from any internal or external source.

  • SIA Warnings: These warnings are issued for non-compliance with the Private Security Industry Act 2001. They will be taken into account as described above and may contribute towards a judgement to refuse a licence (either on first application or renewal) or, where necessary, for revocation.
  • Fixed Penalty Notices/Penalty Notices for Disorder: If we receive, or have information from our own sources concerning Fixed Penalty Notices or Penalty Notices for Disorder which relate to any relevant offences, they will be taken into account as described above.

Further Information

If you do not give us the information we need, we may ask you to provide us with more detail. We may check the authenticity of the information you supply to us with the relevant government body or with the help of the police. Whether you have a clean record or have committed any offences, we must be satisfied that the evidence you produce is authentic, up-to-date, complete (so it covers every area where you have lived and lists any offences on your record) and comes from a competent official source which we can confirm.