Review of the SIA

All non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs), like the SIA, are subject to periodic substantive reviews (known until recently as Triennial Reviews). These reviews have two purposes:

  • to challenge the continuing need for both the functions and the form of individual NDPBs, and
  • where it is agreed that a particular body should remain as an NDPB, to review the control and governance arrangements in place to ensure that the public body is complying with recognised principles of good corporate governance.

A review of the SIA is being carried out on behalf of the Secretary of State by a senior Home Office official who is independent of both the SIA and our sponsorship unit in the Home Office. Oversight and challenge will be provided by a 'challenge group' made up of representatives from around government.

The review will examine a number of aspects of our organisation; these will include:

  • Our key functions and whether those functions are still required;
  • the potential for efficiency savings and improvements to operational and governance arrangements;
  • how we contribute to the core business of the Home Office and to the delivery of wider cross-government priorities;
  • our performance in ensuring any burdens on the regulated sector are demonstrably proportionate and necessary;
  • how customers’ priorities for our services are built into strategic planning processes;
  • the scope and appropriateness for us taking on additional functions including those that may already be provided by other organisations, or functions that could further enhance our role in the future. These will include business licensing and the licensing of private investigations.

Comments made in the SIA review survey will be considered by the review team and will inform the final report to Home Office ministers.

SIA Annual Review 2015-16

Image shows the cover of the booklet

The review looks back at our key achievements during 2015/16. The publication focuses on the impact we have on improving standards in the private security industry in order to protect the public. (download size: 4,391kb).



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