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Content Disclaimer

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Links To This Website

We encourage you to add links to this website, however please ensure you comply with the conditions below:

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RSS Feeds

RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds offer a way of keeping up to date with new content that has been published on a website. The SIA publishes several RSS feeds. If you wish to use these feeds to display SIA content on your website you may do so providing you adhere to the following Conditions of Use.

  1. You must display the SIA RSS feeds that you subscribe to accurately and in full.
  2. You may not directly or indirectly change, edit or add to any SIA content.
  3. You may not use any SIA mark/logo on your website or elsewhere except as provided in the SIA RSS feeds themselves or as allowed under separate terms and conditions (see our page on 'The SIA Brand').
  4. We reserve the right to cease the distribution of SIA content and the SIA does not accept any liability for its feeds.
  5. You must provide the SIA with a credit beside the SIA content. This should be in the following format:
    "Source – Security Industry Authority (SIA)"

Changes To These Terms

The SIA reserves the right, at its discretion, to make changes to any part of the website and its related services. The SIA may also change these terms and conditions, and may do so without notice.