Tip of the Week

Criminal Convictions and Court Orders

As a regulator we have a duty to protect the public.

If you are being investigated by the Police for a criminal offence we may suspend your licence. We may continue to keep the licence suspended even if the Police take no further action or the case proceeds to court and you are acquitted. We will do this until we have completed our own further investigation.

Our legal power to do so is set out in Get Licensed, ‘Use of other information’, page 31.

We may take further action on your licence, if for example our further investigation finds that:

  • you are not a fit and proper person to hold a licence;
  • your conduct is likely to bring the private security industry into disrepute
  • your actions are not consistent with SIA licence linked training.

We may take action to revoke your licence or maintain suspension of your licence, if you do not satisfy certain additional conditions (for example, a requirement to take additional training).

For example: You are investigated by the Police for an offence of assault and we suspend your licence. You are subsequently acquitted by the court and we maintain the suspension of your licence in order to review any available CCTV footage of the incident. We consider whether any other licensing action is required such as revocation, or imposing additional conditions on your licence, following our assessment of your actions with reference to the accredited security industry training you received.