Tip of the Week

Checking Your Identity with the Passport Office

When you apply for an SIA licence, we check your identity. We do this by looking at the information you gave us in the application form and checking it against:

  • The identity documents you are asked to provide as part of your application
  • Information held by other bodies

If you are a UK passport holder, we will check the passport details you’ve given us against the HMPO (Passport Office) database. If the information you gave us does not match with the information they hold then the check will fail. Examples of when this might happen are:

  • You have given us the number for a passport that has expired
  • The name on your passport includes a middle name that you have not given us
  • You have recently changed your name, you have applied for a licence under your new name and your passport is in your old name

We will not tell you if you fail this check. This is because a failed HMPO check may also indicate identity fraud so we must investigate the cause of the failure.

Your application will be held at the ‘Next Steps’ stage until our investigations are completed and we have confirmed your identity. We may need you to provide further information and/or send us your identity documents in order for us to do this.

Please remember that you have a legal obligation to provide us with information that is “true and complete”. We process the information we are given in good faith and we cannot be held responsible for any delays that may be caused by you giving us incorrect or incomplete information.

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