Tip of the Week

Telling You What our Decision Will Be

When you apply for a licence we will decide on whether to grant you a licence or refuse your application. If we think that our decision will be to refuse your application we will write to you before we make that decision. This is so that you have the opportunity to appeal in a way that won’t incur court costs.

When we write to you we will tell you:

  • What our decision is likely to be
  • The reason we are likely to refuse your application, and
  • What you can do that might lead us to decide that we can grant you a licence

Please read this letter carefully. It will explain exactly what you can send to us that might mean we can grant you a licence.

If we tell you that we are intending to refuse your application because of your criminal record, we can only re-consider our licensing decision. We can’t ignore or re-assess your criminal record. You may feel that you were charged unfairly or given a harsh sentence, but we will not be able to take this into account. We do not act as an appeal court for criminal cases.

This process doesn’t replace your right of appeal through the courts. It is an additional route of appeal that we offer. We write to you before making our decision because we don’t have the legal powers to change our decision once we have made it. We can only change our decision if:

  • We are instructed to do so by the courts as the result of a legal appeal, or;
  • It was found to have been based on information that is factually incorrect

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