Tip of the Week

Completing your application at the post office

When you apply for an SIA licence you may be asked to complete your application at a post office. Staff at the post office will take your photograph and check your identity documents to confirm that you are who you say you are. They will also take payment of the application fee unless this has already been paid by a business on your behalf.

Not all post offices offer this service. To find the nearest post office that does, use the Post Office Branch Finder and select 'SIA Licence Application' from the 'Refine branch services' drop-down.

Go to the post office branch finder- this link opens in a new window

The post office staff will give you a receipt (if you paid the application fee) and/or a paper confirmation that they have processed your application. Please keep these items safe, as we may ask you for them if there are any problems with your application.

You may still need to send documents to us, even if you have had them checked at the post office. Please read the 'Action Required: Instructions to complete your SIA application' message we sent you when you submitted your application to make sure you know everything you need to do.