Tip of the Week

Your Next Steps Instructions

When you submit your licence application we give you instructions on what to do next. These instructions are displayed on screen and are also sent to you as an email and as a message to your online account. Please read these instructions carefully. If you don’t do everything we ask of you, your application will be delayed and may even be cancelled.

Your ‘Next Steps’ instructions may ask you to do any of the following:

  • visit the post office
  • send identity documents to us
  • pay at the post office or online
  • send us evidence of a criminal record check from overseas
  • fill in and return a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) disclosure form
  • send us a photograph of yourself and a completed counter-signatory form

The instructions we give will vary from person to person, so please don’t worry if we ask you to do something and you know other licence applicants who were asked to do something else.

As well as the next steps instructions, we may also send you further information requests. These requests will be sent to your online account, so you should keep an eye on your ‘My Messages’ tab. We won’t be able to process your application until you provide the information we asked for.

See an example of a 'Next Steps' message- this link opens in a new window