Tip of the Week

Validity of Qualifications

We need to be sure that people applying for a licence have not forgotten the skills and knowledge that they learned during their training. In order to apply for a licence you must have:

  • Achieved your licence-linked qualification within the last three years, or;
  • Held an active licence for that sector within the last three years (our assumption being that you will therefore have kept your skills fresh while doing the job)

If you do not meet these requirements then you will need to re-take the training and achieve the necessary qualification.

Door Supervision

If you are applying for a door supervisor licence and you are satisfying our training requirement with a combination of an older licence-linked qualification and the upskilling award, both qualifications must meet our requirements. We will not accept your application if you have recently achieved the upskilling award but it has been longer than three years since you held a door supervisor licence or achieved your original qualification.