Tip of the Week

Driving Licence Numbers

We ask for your driving licence number in two different places, for two very different purposes:

  • Account matching - The first time you log in to our licensing site we ask you if you've previously held or applied for an SIA licence. We then ask for specific information, which in some cases will include your driving licence number. Your answers are used by us to match up your new user account with your existing records.
  • Licence application - When you apply for a licence we ask if you hold a UK driving licence and (if you say yes) we ask for the number. Your answers are used by us to confirm your identity.

Most UK driving licence numbers use a standard format that includes characters drawn from the driver's name and date of birth (the exceptions to this are those issued in Northern Ireland). Our licensing system knows what this format is and uses the same logic that the DVLA uses to determine what your driving licence number should be. That means that the information you give us has to match the information you gave the DVLA. If it is different – for example, if you told the DVLA that you have a middle name but you didn't tell us – then the number you put in won't be the number our system is expecting. That's why the help text in the application form says "Ensure that the name on your driving licence matches the details you provided on the previous page."

If our licensing system is rejecting your driving licence number, please make sure that the name and date of birth details you give us match the name and date of birth details printed on the driving licence. If they are not please contact us through your online account and ask us to change your details on our system.

Some UK driving licences feature two additional numbers to the right of and separate to the main number (for example: XXXXX111111XX1XX 99). Please do not enter these last two digits.