Competency Renewal Strategy

We have developed a competency renewal strategy to ensure that licensed operatives continue to have the core knowledge and skills required to do their job professionally and without endangering the public.

In summary:

  • We will continue to define the competencies that are core to the role of a security operative undertaking licensable activities. These will be described in our learning and qualification specifications.
  • The specifications will continue to form the basis of content for the licence-linked qualifications.
  • We will involve the private security industry fully in the development of the specifications, to ensure the documents remain current and relevant.
  • We will conduct minor reviews of the specifications every six months and major reviews every five years.
    • Minor reviews will check to see if any problems have been identified since the documents were published; we may amend the specifications and the existing qualifications if this is the case.
    • Major reviews will re-develop the specifications in collaboration with the private security industry, a process that will result in new licence-linked qualifications.
  • Where a major review identifies a significant change in industry practice, and our view and that of the private security industry is that existing licence holders should be required to undertake 'top-up' training, then this recommendation will be made to the Home Office.
  • The Home Office will conduct its own consultation process, which may lead to a requirement for licence holders to undertake this top-up training in order to renew their licence.
  • We will ensure that any top-up training is developed and available to licence holders at least six months before they would need it to renew their licence.
  • We will continue to work with partners such as Skills for Security to ensure that the private security industry is aware of the benefits of investing in training.

Download the strategy paper (download size: 61kb) for the background and more details on our approach.